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(A Great Punch of Destructive Power)

"Xi Shiqing is going to become a monk? Grandfather, are you sure? Are you pulling my leg?" Ning Xi probed, not believing what the elder just said.

Lu Tingxiao frowned incredulously as he listened to Ning Xi’s conversation with her grandfather.

He thought that the matter with Xi Shiqing had been settled last night. How in the world did this happen?

The elder fumed, "Why would I kid you at a time like this? That young man from the Xi family is already at the temple. He’s going to shave his hair off this afternoon! Which part of this sounds like a joke?"

Ning Xi was confused and she sputtered, "This is...impossible! Could there be some other reason? Why would you think that it was because of me?"

"What else could it be? He was acting all fine before he left, but he suddenly told his family he wanted to become a monk after having dinner with you! You are the biggest suspect!" The elder continued, "Xiao Xi, please think about what happened last night! Being a monk is not a trivial matter! If it’s related to you, how can I face Elder Xi at this rate?"

Ning Xi suddenly felt guilty…

Actually, quite a lot happened last night…

Did she try too hard to get her message clearly across to him?

Regardless, it would not have reached the point that he would decide to become a monk immediately!

"Grandfather, where are you now?" She queried, hearing chanting in the background.

"I’m at the Fahua Temple right now. Shiqing’s grandfather and parents are here as well. Xiao Xi, please come over as I can’t explain everything to you over the phone clearly."

"Alright, I’ll be right there!"

After she hung up, Ning Xi gave Lu Tingxiao an alarmed look. The devil’s attack sure packed a great punch of destructive power!

"Xi Shiqing is going to become a monk?"

Ning Xi nodded and stood up to leave. "Yes, and it seems like it was because of me. I need to go to Fahua Temple at once."

"I’ll go with you."

"Forget it! What if he does something even more insane after he sees you?" Ning Xi said bitterly.

"I’ll send you to the entrance of the temple."

"But you’ll be late for work!"

"Nothing much is happening in the morning. Just a meeting which I can get Jingli to attend on behalf of me instead." Lu Tingxiao was already calling Lu Jingli as he said this.

Lu Jingli’s cheerful voice answered the phone, "Hello, Bro! What’s up so early in the morning? Oh, did something happen? Heh heh."

"I can’t attend the meeting later. Please attend it in my stead," Lu Tingxiao said calmly.

Lu Jingli's happiness was suddenly deflated. "Ah? Can't you go? What happened last night? Did you and Xiao Xi Xi…"

"Xi Shiqing is going to become a monk now and I need to go to Fahua Temple with Ning Xi." Lu Tingxiao's reply stopped Lu Jingli’s wild imagination in its tracks.

"What?!" Lu Jingli gasped in shock, "Become a monk? Are you kidding me?"

Lu Jingli still could not believe what he had just heard. This latest development was a gossip's fantasy…

Most importantly, how could he be left out in such an important moment?

He quickly gave his manager a call and have him hold the meeting instead, then he sped off to Fahua Temple.


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