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(Are You Sleepwalking?)

The man grunted, then slowly opened his eyes. His eyes glimmered and her panicked and stunned face was reflected ...

Ning Xi swallowed her saliva and quickly thought of how to explain the awkward situation.

Damn it! How could she explain? What could she possibly say in such a situation?!

Even getting caught cheating with someone else in bed would not be this difficult to explain!

Ning Xi's brain was about to be fried. However, in the next second, Lu Tingxiao used his beautiful dazed eyes to stare at her for a few seconds, before he suddenly turned around...

Ning Xi felt like her world had turned upside down when she was pushed onto the bed before she could even figure out what was happening. The shadow above her inched closer, then what came next was a wave of warmth as he delivered an intense kiss...

Ning Xi was shocked by Lu Tingxiao's sudden actions. It felt as if the air in her chest was becoming increasingly thin and her brain was fogging up.

The emotions and physical reactions that were happening were so overwhelming so much so that the feelings she had suppressed in her heart were almost lured out by the kiss. She felt as if the world was coming to an end and that her body wanted to respond involuntarily despite her mind telling her otherwise...

What was worse was the strong reaction from his lower torso that she could feel hardening between them...

Damn it, Ning Xi! Wake up, wake up! Baby Little Treasure was still sleeping beside them!

Helplessly, she struggled to gather herself. Lu Tingxiao, on the other hand, did not. He felt like he wanted to devour her whole with that all-consuming kiss.

Ning Xi had no choice but to bite down with force, her mouth instantly filled with the metallic taste of blood.

Lu Tingxiao frowned and stopped.

Ning Xi took advantage of this single second to push him away and said between gasps, "Hey, Lu Tingxiao! Are you...are you sleepwalking?"

Uhh, if he really was, this question would have no effect!

Wait, that did not seem right either. Shouldn't sleepwalking happen only at night? The sun was already up!

The confused man started to gain clarity and said in a hoarse voice, "No."

Ning Xi blinked as her heart skipped a beat. No?

Lu Tingxiao's long fingers brushed through his hair as lust lingered in his eyes. "Sorry, I wasn't clear-headed earlier. I thought that I was dreaming."

Ning Xi was speechless.

What could she say to answer him?

Was it possible that in his dreams, the devil actually wanted to seduce her and kiss the life out of her?

In fact, the Lu Tingxiao earlier was really different from the Lu Tingxiao she usually saw. That kiss earlier was far too overbearing!

So overbearing that it made her worry a little...

"You...what were you doing just now?" Lu Tingxiao suddenly asked before Ning Xi could say anything. In fact, with this one sentence, he changed his position from being the villain to being the victim.

When she heard his question, Ning Xi actually felt guilty. She stammered, "Well...well, would you believe me if I said even I don't know?"

Lu Tingxiao looked deeply into her eyes, clearly full of disbelief.

Ning Xi looked extremely sincere. "Big Boss, I swear to God, I really don't know how but we were like this when I woke up! I usually sleep much more gracefully...whatever it is, this was an accident!"


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