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(Father, Don't Go)

"Nonsense!" The elder still thought more conservatively, so there was no way he could accept something like this.

He was also afraid that he was pushing Ning Xi too hard to the point that she would do something outrageous, so he quickly softened his tone, "Fine, fine, you're actually still quite young. Go focus on your career first then. Grandfather won't trouble you anymore, but there's just one thing you must promise me. You have to visit me often. This request of mine isn't too much, is it?"

Ning Xi brightened up upon hearing that. "Not at all! I will definitely visit you often!"

After she hung up, Ning Xi felt relaxed now that she had finally resolved the matter.

In front of the wheel, Lu Jingli was still deep in shock about the 'test tube baby'. He said, "Bro Xi, you're amazing! Even test tube babies are an option for you now!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "My grandfather wants great grandchildren, yet I can't find myself a man. What do you think I should do then?"

"Where are you going to get the sperm?" Lu Jingli asked.

"Obviously, the sperm bank!"

Lu Jingli looked at his brother in the rear view mirror and mischievously said, "Actually there is ready sperm beside you. In fact, the genes are of extremely good quality..."

Ning Xi obviously knew who Lu Jingli was talking about, so she replied, "Stop! This topic is not suitable for children's ears!"

To have a baby with the devil...

Lu Tingxiao then said, "I'm sure that under natural conditions, the sperm quality will be better."

Ning Xi rebutted, "That's enough from you guys! I was just saying it without much thought...don't discuss it in too much detail. Little Treasure is still here!"

When she looked down, thank goodness, Little Treasure had already fallen asleep as a result of the fatigue from his tears.


At Regal Riveria Hotel.

Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli sent Ning Xi and Little Treasure to their doorstep.

Lu Tingxiao patted his son's head then looked up at Ning Xi and said, "I'm going to leave now. It's been getting colder recently, remember to keep warm at night."

Ning Xi nodded. "Sure, I will! Goodnight, Big Boss!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl longingly. "Goodnight."

Lu Jingli yawned. "Goodnight, Bro Xi! If there's any more gossip from Xi Shiqing, remember to share it with me!"

Ning Xi shook her head in disbelief at his thirst for gossip. "Nothing goes without you!"

The two started to leave.

However, just as Lu Tingxiao turned away, he suddenly felt a little tug on his shirt.

He looked down to see that it was Little Treasure who had suddenly woken up and was peering at him with sleepy eyes. His hand gripped on to his shirt hem, refusing to let go.

Lu Tingxiao was stunned.

After all, Little Treasure had never shown such an intimate affection towards him. Every time he left Ning Xi, that little guy was always doing a happy dance and could never wait for him to leave...

Even Lu Jingli and Ning Xi were surprised too.

"What's wrong, Little Treasure?" Ning Xi asked gently.

Ning Xi knew he was looking for his writing board, so she quickly helped him take it out from his bag.

The little bun was still holding on to Lu Tingxiao's shirt, while his other hand rubbed the sleep away from his eyes before writing on the board, "Father, don't go."

These words...before Lu Tingxiao had the chance to react, Lu Jingli started to wail emotionally, "Oh! Little Treasure is so warm! I want a son too! I want to have test tube babies now!"

At this moment, Lu Tingxiao felt a rush of mixed feelings watching his son's little hand holding onto him, the touching words on the writing board and his tilted head looking at him curiously for a response.

Ning Xi was already tearing up. The improvement in the little bun's relationship with Lu Tingxiao was something she wanted to see more than anyone else. "Lu Tingxiao, how about you just stay over at my place tonight? Accompany Little Treasure!"


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