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(The Boss Doesn't Allow Me To Date)

No matter what, the issue was finally resolved.

In the car, Ning Xi was prepared to call her grandfather to report the situation to him. However, before she called, she still felt troubled.

Sigh, even though she and Xi Shiqing had already discussed what to say to each other's grandfathers, what if her grandfather refused to give up?

"Hello, Grandfather!"

"Hey, Xiao Xi! Have you met up with the grandson of the Xi family already? How was it? He's not too bad, isn't he?"

"Cough, Grandfather, he's not too shabby. But he wasn't interested in me!" Ning Xi answered.

"What are you saying? That kid wasn't interested in you?" the elder asked agitatedly.

"No, Grandfather, what I mean is that the both of us aren't interested in each other. Please don't try to match us together anymore!" Ning Xi played out the explanation she and Xi Shiqing had agreed upon.

On the other end of the phone, the elder sounded very disappointed. "How could this be? I even met up with him first. He doesn't have any disabilities and he looks like a talented young man before I was satisfied enough to let him meet you for a blind date. You don't like someone like him? Then, tell me what's your type, I'll help you look again! I still have another old friend. His grandson..."

Oh no...

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands. "Grandfather, don't! Grandfather, I really don't want to look for a partner right now!"

"Xiao Xi, trust me, I was once in your shoes. You're at the best age right now. Now is the best time to look for the ideal man. In fact..."

Ning Xi was suffering from a headache when she felt a warm presence beside her. Lu Tingxiao had suddenly sidled up to her and said softly into her ear, "Tell your grandfather that your boss doesn't allow you to date."

Ning Xi was astonished. She covered the mouthpiece of her handphone to ask Lu Tingxiao, "What?"

"Didn't Ling Zhizhi tell you? In your current situation, you can't get a boyfriend," Lu Tingxiao said without skipping a beat.

Ning Xi's eyes shone when she heard his suggestion. "Right! That's a pretty good reason!"

Lu Jingli, who was driving, heard this and mumbled, "Haha, right, your boss doesn't allow you to date. He will only allow you to date with the boss himself..."

"Grandfather, I only want to perform well in my job right now. Besides, I'm in the growing phase of my career and our company won't allow me to date!"

The elder was angry when he heard this. "What? Not allowed to date? Why would there be such a company with such a silly rule? Does your boss even understand what human rights are?"

Ning Xi shot a look at Lu Tingxiao who had to take the bullet for her. "Grandfather, everyone in our industry is in the same boat. If we have boyfriends, the number of fans will drop drastically. In fact, I've just opened up my own studio and will be very busy every day. Next month, I will start promoting my new show and I'll have to run around the country. Then, once I'm done with that, I'll start shooting for a new show. I really don't have the time!"

Ning Zhiyuan had wanted to mention her joining the company, but from the way she lay everything out, he knew there wasn't a possibility. Even though he felt regretful, hearing how his beloved granddaughter had her own successful career today and was living life to the fullest made him feel very happy.

"Then, what's going to happen to my great grandchildren? When can I have some?"

When she heard the elder's sad sigh, Ning Xi touched the little bun's head and sighed internally too.

If only the little bun was my son, that would be great. Everything would be resolved.

"Grandfather, what if I got a test tube baby?"

Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were stupified.

Little Treasure was surprised too, although he wondered to himself, "What's a test tube baby?"

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