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(This Was Too Much)

Ning Xi would only dare to do so because she believed that Lu Tingxiao had a level of IQ which would definitely enable him to understand her reasons immediately and even accommodate her.

At last, the devil indeed cooperated well, and the scene played out flawlessly...

However, looking at Lu Tingxiao's reaction, could something have gone wrong?

How tragic! Lu Tingxiao wouldn't have thought that this was real, would he? That wasn't like the devil's IQ!

In reality, Lu Tingxiao was stunned for a short while, before he instantly understood what Ning Xi had been trying to do. His feelings had overrode his rationality and even though a part of him had known she was acting, he had chosen to believe it as the truth and let himself drown within this dream she created...

After a while, Lu Tingxiao finally said something. He tousled Ning Xi's hair lightly, then said, "No worries, you did very well."

His silence earlier was not because he was angry at her; he just wanted to quietly remember every detail, remember her kiss, her words, and his feelings in that moment.

When Ning Xi heard his reassurance, she was relieved. However, why did those few words "you did very well" sound so odd?

At that moment, Lu Jingli finally could not help but say, "Uhh...Brother and Sister-in-law, please take a look at me. I have been waiting here for quite some time. Do you guys still want to get in the car?"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at Lu Jingli, then carried the little bun into the car.

Once they were on their way, Lu Jingli smiled cunningly. "Xiao Xi Xi, I saw everything just now! Pity my baby Little Treasure, he was about to be sandwiched!"

"Lu Jingli! I haven't asked you, the more I think about what happened today, the more I find it weird. Even if Little Treasure was unhappy seeing Xi Shiqing and I dine together, he still wouldn't have cried this hard. Was it you who didn't shut up and say something you shouldn't have to Little Treasure?" Ning Xi suddenly attacked him.

Lu Jingli almost pissed in his pants and denied vehemently to save himself, "I didn't! I didn't say anything! Xiao Xi Xi, you're blaming the wrong guy!"

Ning Xi gritted her teeth, obviously already knowing that it was his fault. "Did I blame you wrongly now? I'll just ask Little Treasure then! See if I really was wrong"

Lu Jingli was dumbfounded when he heard this and he quickly looked at his brother to beg silently.

Bro, save me! If Sister-in-law finds out, she will kill me! She will hit me with as much force as she loves Little Treasure!

Lu Tingxiao shot a look at Lu Jingli who looked frightened like a rabbit. Seeing as he had contributed in the past, he said something on his behalf, "Ning Xi, you said you wanted to let Xi Shiqing give up hope. Do you mean that he was interested in you?"

Ning Xi's attention was successfully diverted by Lu Tingxiao's question. She scratched her head and looked helplessly at him. "To be honest, I was stunned too. I do not know how Xi Shiqing ever liked me. We chatted over dinner and that's how I knew that we've met once five years ago. But it was only that one time, there were no other interactions. Of course, perhaps I was too sensitive and overthought. No matter what it is, the point is that there aren't anymore problems now! Thanks to you, Big Boss, thank you again!"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "You're welcome."

Crisis averted! Lu Jingli wiped away his sweat in relief.

Looking at his brother's serious expression, he suddenly regained some of his energy.

He thought that this time, his brother didn't perform too badly either. He did not do anything and managed to knock out a rival, and even got a kiss for nothing too. This was too much!

For good things like these, he wouldn't mind complaining a few more times!



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