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(That's Why I Kissed You)

Why is Xiao Xi Xi kissing my brother? Aaaaaah! No, no! That’s not the main point!

The main point was, from the looks of the situation, it was Xiao Xi Xi who had taken the initiative!

It was possible that his brother had gotten too jealous and couldn't help but to steal a kiss from her, but based on the current situation, it was simply illogical!

After Ning Xi left Lu Tingxiao's lips, she looked at Xi Shiqing. Then, she looked at Lu Tingxiao and with her smiling eyes that shone like the blanket of stars above them, she tilted her head to the side and teased Lu Tingxiao, "Jealous?"

It was completely the tone of a girlfriend teasing her boyfriend...

With Lu Ting Xiao still looking at her, stunned, Ning Xi smiled and continued, "I already told you that the person I like is you!"

Upon hearing her shocking words, Lu Jingli felt thoroughly confused by the progress of the plot.

When Lu Tingxiao listened to those beautiful words she had just uttered, he looked into the girl's love-filled eyes and his arm grabbed the girl tightly in his embrace. He covered her lips again and sank deeper into the kiss this time. At that very moment, even though he knew there was practically a cliff in front of him, he was willing to jump off it without hesitation...

Only until Ning Xi was almost suffocating did the kiss finally end. She secretly looked over Lu Tingxiao's shoulder and peeked behind him. Xi Shiqing was nowhere to be found.

Ning Xi silently sighed to herself. Even though she felt bad, this was the best solution she could think of for the both of them.

Now that the matter with Xi Shiqing was finally resolved, of course what followed was a very important. She still had to explain the situation properly to the devil...

The two were surprised to feel something soft bump against both of them, again and again.

A little head popped out in between them. It was Little Treasure.

This was when Ning Xi noticed that she was still carrying Little Treasure and she quickly wriggled out of the tight embrace she was in. "Hey, hey, Lu Tingxiao...you're squashing Little Treasure!"

Aaaah! Damn it! Just when she thought of how to make Xi Shiqing give up hope, she had actually forgotten that Little Treasure was here and she even did such child-unfriendly things in front of him!

When he heard what Ning Xi said and peered at his son caught in between them, Lu Tingxiao woke up from his daze.

The little bun puffed up his cheeks and looked at his father angrily. This was too much! Not only did his father get a kiss from Aunty Xiao Xi, he even got a hug from her!

However, even though he felt annoyed, it seemed like...he wasn't that angry!

Because if Aunty Xiao Xi likes father, then she can continue to be his Aunty Xiao Xi! No wait, it'll be Mummy Xiao Xi!

As he thought about this, Little Treasure decided to temporarily forgive his father.

After Lu Tingxiao released her, Ning Xi put Little Treasure down, then stood up straight and bowed at a 90 degree angle. "Sorry, Big Boss! I didn't mean to violate you! I'm order to avoid anymore unnecessary hassle in the future, I wanted to let Xi Shiqing give up hope and in a moment of desperation...I kissed you and even said those words. I'm really sorry!"

In the car, Lu Jingli was officially dumbfounded.

What a roller coaster of a plot!

He suddenly felt very bad for his brother. Just moments before, he had thought that Xiao Xi Xi liked him, and then suddenly, the truth smashed his fantasy into smithereens...

At that moment, Lu Tingxiao looked at Ning Xi quietly without saying anything.

Seeing that Lu Tingxiao was silent, Ning Xi suddenly felt a little guilty. The devil wasn't angry, was he?

Actually, the reason she dared to do what she did was because she believed that Lu Ting Xiao had a level of IQ which would definitely enable him to understand her reasons immediately and even accommodate her.



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