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(Did Not Understand The World)

Otherwise, if she knew that he had brought Little Treasure out by himself and that the little bun had only cried after hearing Lu Jingli's nonsensical words, the consequences would be dire...

Even though Little Treasure had unleashed his killer move, there were far too many elements that were out of his control, such as today's situation.

Initially he intended to bring Little Treasure to use only when necessary but who’d have thought that Lu Jingli's single sentence would have made him completely lose control.

Thankfully, it did not cause too much of an issue in the end and basically, everything was still within his plans...

After Ning Xi finished questioning Lu Tingxiao, she noticed someone behind her.

Then, she saw Xi Shiqing who had followed them out, stand quietly a few steps away from them. She was not sure how long he had been standing there for.

Looking at the lonely and bewitched Xi Shiqing, who looked as pale as a sheet of paper, Ning Xi's heart tightened a little and a bad feeling rose from the pit of her stomach.

Even though she had roughly guessed that Xi Shiqing might be interested in her during their dinner, she seemed to have underestimated his determination and feelings for her.

That expression...did not seem like he was only meeting someone from the past who he once liked...

It seemed more like he had liked her for all those years...

But she could not fathom it. What occurred five years ago was a very brief meeting. Rationally, Xi Shiqing couldn't have developed such strong feelings for her, could he?

However, no matter what it was, the reality was there before her eyes.

In that case, this was trouble now!

Even though it had been just a short interaction over dinner, she could see that Xi Shiqing was indeed a good man. Plus, this was Grandfather's best friend's grandson and if she did not handle this well, it would turn out to be a very sticky situation later.

Thus, she absolutely had to get to the root of it today and completely shatter any fantasy ideas he might have.

As she thought about this, Ning Xi gathered her courage to make a decision.

"Hold on for a little while. Jingli went to get the car." Lu Tingxiao stood where the wind blew from, using his tall and built figure to block Ning Xi and Little Treasure from the blustery weather.

Ning Xi's eyes squinted and she suddenly looked deeply into Lu Tingxiao's eyes. "Lu Tingxiao..."

"Hmm?" Her gaze was so intense in that instant that Lu Tingxiao felt his heart shiver. "What is it?"

Ning Xi stared at him unblinking, her gaze seeming as if it could see through his heart. "Actually, Little Treasure didn't want to come tonight, did he? Did you...did you bring him here by yourself?"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

He was just being thankful earlier that his plan was flawless but now, he was about to be exposed!

Lu Tingxiao quickly thought of a plan to respond to this.

Yet, he never would have thought that at that very moment, Ning Xi who was interrogating him, would suddenly tiptoe and kiss his lips...

Lu Tingxiao was mind-blown. His head was a blank void; he did not know anything anymore...

Ning Xi...

What was she doing?

He could still see the girl's long eyelashes up close and taste the fragrance of the liquor lingering on her soft lips. Everything felt surreal like a dream.

No, even in his wildest dreams, never would he have dared to imagine such a crazy moment...

"Oh—" No one could tell when Lu Jingli had driven the car over, but the moment he lowered the car window, this scene unfolded in front of him. He was so agitated that he almost mistook the accelerator as the brake.


What was happening?! Why was it that he had gone to get the car and left for a few minutes, only to return to a world he did not understand?



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