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(Like A Husband Bringing Their Kid to Catch Her Cheating)

"It's no big deal. If you know, then you know." Ning Xi carelessly shrugged.

Xi Shiqing's words had actually moved her a little although she didn’t show any signs of it.

She never would have thought that on the saddest day of her life, on the day when she thought she had been shunned by the entire world, there was someone unknowingly on her side.

She felt a rush of indescribable emotions, like she had been saved. Perhaps, this world wasn't so bad and hopeless...

Mmm, well-deserving of this man who looked like the reincarnation of Buddha!

This level of divine intervention was definitely by the hand of God.

When Xi Shiqing heard her nonchalant reply, he breathed a sigh of relief. "That year, I felt very regretful and guilty...that I couldn't help you...if you need anything now, please do tell me, I would cross oceans for you without any complaint."

Xi Shiqing was being way too nice now. She was about to hand him a card for being Samaritan of the year already!

Ning Xi laughed, then raised her cup to his. "Mr. Xi, you're not really Buddha himself, you know. You can't really save everyone."

"I never thought of saving everyone, only you!" Xi Shiqing blurted with a sense of urgency.

As soon as he said that, that charismatic face of his blushed faintly.

Ning Xi was stunned, her heart skipping a beat.

Something was not right...

Behind them.

"Little Treasure, don't cry anymore, okay? I know I was wrong! I won't spew nonsense again! Please, if you keep crying, I’ll want to cry too..."

Lu Jingli was still worried but he heard Xi Shiqing say, "I never thought of saving everyone, only you!" as if he was confessing his feelings to her. He was instantly dumbfounded. "Damn it! You can never judge a book by its cover. Xi Shiqing is pretty good at pick up lines!"

As he watched his crying son and the two people opposite him, Lu Tingxiao felt a familiar tinge of hostility that he tried his best to suppress within him. He had the urge to destroy everything that got close to her...

Xi Shiqing subconsciously wanted to explain to her that he didn't mean that, but he didn't know why he changed his mind instead. He only sat quietly, waiting for the girl's response.

Explain? Why would he need to explain?

He had waited for five years for this very day.

How long more did he have to wait?

Ning Xi was uncertain about how to react to Xi Shiqing's attitude when the sound of footsteps came from behind her. A familiar shadow fell on the table in front of her. Then, she saw Xi Shiqing staring behind her with a shocked expression.

Ning Xi's heart skipped a beat as she turned around too.

She then saw the devil with an upset expression and the little bun in his arms who was crying his eyes out...

Ning Xi was confused.

Why would Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure appear here!?

The both of them stood there, the big one in silence while the little one cried his heart out and reached his short hands out for a hug...while she sat there with a man across her.

What was he trying to do, looking like a husband bringing their kid to catch her cheating on him!?

Because Ning Xi was too shocked, she froze and did not make a move to carry Little Treasure.

When the little bun saw Aunty Xiao Xi not reach out to carry him, his little face scrunched up and his tears burst like a broken dam. He cried and his little mouth tried hard to open, as if he wanted to say something but not a word came out.



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