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(Oh Man, This Romantic Rival Is Tough!)

Lu Tingxiao put down the pen and grazed the desk lightly with his fingers. His eyes fell onto his son who was sitting on the tatami...

Lu Jingli followed Lu Tingxiao's gaze and looked over. "Uhh, Bro, what do you have in mind?"

Lu Tingxiao got up and walked over to his son, then he said, "Little Treasure, come, let's get you something to eat."

Lu Jingli then said, "Uhh, Bro...you aren't thinking about..."

Pfft! I came up with so many ideas for him earlier and yet, he was not satisfied. Now, his his ultimate idea was to bring his nuclear weapon, Little Treasure, to the frontline?

Very good, this was an idea worthy of the devil!

The only problem was that a particular nuclear weapon was not being cooperative...

When Little Treasure heard his father, he refused to get up from the mat and started to write on his writing board: [Full.]

Aunty Xiao Xi had already fed him well before she left. In fact, she had cooked for him herself.

Lu Tingxiao pinched the spot between his brows, then changed his phrasing of his baiting sentence. "I'll bring you to see Aunty Xiao Xi."

Within three seconds, Little Treasure released his little hands from his chin to peer out of the window. He rolled off the tatami, put on his little shoes and flew to his father and opened up his short hands to be carried.

Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were thunderstruck.

This nuclear weapon had such a blatant weakness that left him vulnerable to control!

Watching as the father and son prepared to leave, Lu Jingli followed them. "I want to eat too!"

Indeed, eat it was!


Half an hour later, at a stylish Japanese restaurant.

The Japanese restaurant retained the traditional short-legged tables to dine, whereby customers had to take off their shoes before entering, and then sit with their legs crossed. The dim lighting gave customers a sense of relaxed vibe.

Before Ning Xi's date arrived, she had already ordered a sake with low alcohol content to drink as she waited.

She seemed not to notice that diagonally behind her, both the big and the small devils had already arrived together with Lu Jingli.

The moment they entered, Little Treasure could recognize Aunty Xiao Xi from her back and instantly wanted to run to her.

Lu Tingxiao held his son back, stopping him firmly. "No."

Little Treasure's face tensed up, his face was written with unspoken questions, silently expressing, "Why not? You said you brought me here to see Aunty Xiao Xi!"

Lu Tingxiao looked down at his son and said, "I did bring you to see Aunty Xiao Xi, but only to watch her."

Little Treasure felt cheated!

When he was brought to a seat behind Aunty Xiao Xi, Little Treasure was in a sullen mood. However, because Aunty Xiao Xi was just opposite him and he could see her when he looked up, her mood instantly became marginally better.

After he sat down, Lu Jingli looked at Ning Xi who was seated alone and said, "Hmm, didn't Xiao Xi Xi say they had decided on seven o'clock? It's already ten past seven! Being late on the first date, deduct his marks! Even though I've never seen Xi Shiqing, I'm guessing he won't be tough competition! There might not even be an opportunity for our Little Treasure to make a move!"

Ning Xi was about to finish her drink, having waited for about another 10 minutes, yet her date still had not arrived.

Lu Jingli was suddenly a little crestfallen. "Could it be that he won't turn up at all? And to think that we were nervous for so long!"

The moment he said that, fair and slim fingers delicately held the curtain partition in front to open it. Then, a man in a nude-coloured tuxedo walked in.

The man had short, jet black hair with a long torso. His looks were not especially attractive, but his charisma was warm and refined, very easily making people comfortable with him and exuding trustworthiness. The most outstanding thing was a certain quiet appeal to him, something that could calm someone down and be in a state of peace within the ascetic realm...

"Woah, this man has quality..." The instant he saw the man, Lu Jingli felt a niggling premonition in his heart...



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