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(Personal Welcome)

Lu Jingli was here as well?

"Ugh…" Ning Xi was utterly speechless. Why did all of them come together?

As Ning Xi was speaking to Lu Tingxiao, Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Yaobang were on their way to the entrance.

Because the servant caused quite a scene and drew the attention of some of the guests, they looked outside and guessed, "Who’s here? What’s with the commotion? Ning Yaohua is going to welcome them personally! Even Ning Yaobang followed along!"

"I heard that it’s someone from the Lu family…"

"The Lu family? You must be kidding!" it was as if the emperor himself was visiting an officer’s home suddenly and staying for dinner; it was impossible!

"I don’t think it’s possible as well, but I heard the servant from Ning family say it himself. There’s a car with the Lu family’s number plate parked outside."

"Could he be mistaken?"

"It might be true but although it’s a car from the Lu family, who knows if the head honcho actually came? It’s quite impossible! They might have just sent someone over to leave a gift for the elder, that’s the best possibility I can come up with."

"Hmm...that makes sense! If they are somewhat involved, the Ning family really is something! What makes them deserve such luck? Could it be that Master Long’s prediction is really true?"

At the Ning residence entrance.

"Where’re the people you were talking about?" Ning Yaohua asked the servant nervously.

"Still in the car!" the servant answered in a trembling voice while sweating.

"Why are they not out yet?"

"I...I have no idea! They did not do anything further after the car was parked there!"

Ning Yaohua stayed silent for a while, then spoke up, "Fine, I can’t blame them for acting high and mighty, they are from the Lu family anyway. I’ll greet them personally! You, be careful of what comes out of your mouth later!"

Ning Yaobang was upset. "What? I can’t even speak freely now?"

"Do you not get the situation? I’m not in the mood to argue with you. Just stay put, or else, it won't be pretty if the guest is offended!" Ning Yaohua yelled at him.

Ning Yaobang understood the importance of the situation and acquiesce, "Okay, I’ll just keep my mouth shut, alright?"

Ning Yaohua went up with Zhuang Lingyu, Ning Yaobang and a few servants, straightening his back and walking to the black Maybach.

There was a small gap in the car window that was left open and the people inside would surely be able to hear voices from the outside.

Ning Yaohua greeted passionately, "Dear guests, it’s my honor to see you here tonight, please come inside!"

A second went by, two seconds went by, three seconds went by…

Ning Yaohua’s smile stayed frozen but nothing happened.

Could it be that they had not heard it?

Ning Yaohua coughed softly and continued, "It must be a long trip here, please come inside and get some drinks!"

It was completely silent.

Ning Yaohua’s face darkened and he asked a servant behind him, "Are you sure that there’re people inside?"

"Absolutely, no one came down from the car since it was parked here, there must be someone inside!" the servant spoke with utmost confidence.

Ning Yaohua’s frown deepened.

What was happening?

Why did the people not come down? He already come to greet them personally. Had he made any mistakes?

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