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Su Yan held the girl’s tender hands gently.

They smiled and looked at each other lovingly, then walked towards Ning Zhiyuan together.

He wore a black suit and she wore a white long dress, a perfect match for each other. They immediately became the focus of those in the banquet hall.

Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua had a relieved expression on their faces.

Elder Ning was proud of his grandson-in-law and he greeted him with a kind smile. "Su Yan, you’re here!"

In the previous years, the Su family had not allowed Su Yan to be in a relationship with Ning Xi due to her infamous identity. Although she had gone back to the Ning family after that, there was no announcement of her real identity to the public. Ning Xi had been dating Su Yan in secret until she fell pregnant. As she could not hide it anymore, she told her family about her relationship with Su Yan.

At that time, Su Yan was out of contactable range as he was abroad. Zhuang Lingyu did not believe her and forced her to stay at home, and she warned her not to let anyone know about her pregnancy before Su Yan came back. So, until now the elder never knew Ning Xi had been pregnant before.

Ning International was not very stable, so the elder did not have much time at home. What he knew was that Ning Xi had been sent overseas for education after she had recovered from some illness. Then, Su Yan, who had been visiting their home frequently, had started dating Ning Xueluo…

"Grandfather, happy birthday!" Su Yan took the rectangle box from his assistant and handed it to the elder.

The elder smiled while nodding. "Good!"

Su Yan gave the elder a famous priceless scroll painting. It was not just Ning Xi’s jade bead bracelet, but all the presents looked practically worthless compared to his and everyone gushed over it.

"The Ning family sure is generous! Just a simple birthday gift but they gave a priceless antique!"

"With the Su family’s power, they can definitely find someone from a better family, but why are they so fixated on Ning Xueluo?"

"Let me tell you, it was said that Master Long assessed their birthdays before and concluded Ms. Ning has the fortune to make her husband prosper and many suitors came to them but she had already picked Su Yan!"

"Ah, I know about Master Long! I heard he’s really good! Actually I’ve been wanting to ask since just now, who’s this Master Xuan Jing they have been talking about? I’ve never heard of him! Isn’t Long Fanyin the most reputable one in the industry?"

"Of course, it’s Long Fanyin. The elders simply trust those temples and monks more, they are just too old-fashioned. The real experts are among us!"

Ning Tianxin felt nervous as she saw Su Yan. From her keen observation, she had already found out about Ning Xi and Su Yan long ago and she was worried about Ning Xi.

As she was about to comfort Ning Xi, Su Yan and Ning Xueluo walked towards them.

Su Yan looked at Ning Xi and smiled. "You’re here too, Xiao Xi! Grandfather must be very happy!"

"Mmm." Ning Xi nodded expressionlessly.

"How are you recently?" Su Yan asked in a concerned tone.

"Still alright."

"Xiao Xi, let’s meet up when you have some free time, I…"

As Su Yan wanted to continue, Zhuang Lingyu rushed towards them. She had seen Ning Xi talking to Su Yan and she desperately wanted to separate them. "Xueluo, Su Yan, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Go and welcome the guests!"

"Okay, Mother. Sister, please excuse me!" Ning Xueluo gave Ning Xi a smug glance after her mother covered for her.



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