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(Set Up For A Blind Date)

Adopted? She was his real granddaughter!

"You old man, how is that plotting? My grandson is handsome and filial, I wouldn’t even have thought about it if your granddaughter wasn’t pretty and lacked affinity!"

"Hmph, only now you realize that my granddaughter is pretty! Not everyone is worthy of her, show me your grandson’s picture first!" He had actually met Xi Boyi’s grandson a few years ago but who knew how he looked like now?

"It might be you who’s plotting something after you see his picture!"

Ning Xi groaned, "Ugh…"

Why did conversations always go the other way?

Did the elders always have such active thought patterns?

Probably not, 80% of the time when elder people gathered together, their conversations would end up with this topic…

Wait, that was not the main point. What happened to her 150 thousand dollar bracelet which she had got with a 20% discount and was now valued as a two million dollar bracelet that was consecrated by Master Xuan Jing?

Jade Treasury…

The sudden change in the worker’s attitude…

Could it be…?

"How about it, Elder Ning? Isn’t my Shiqing handsome?" Xi Boyi said proudly.

Ning Zhiyuan’s eyes brightened when he saw the handsome gentleman’s picture. "Pictures nowadays can be Photoshopped, it's not good enough as proof!"

Xi Boyi was annoyed. "Hey, old man, if you don’t believe me, I’ll bring him here personally the next time and you can see for yourself, okay?"

"That sounds about right!"

Just in a blink of an eye, Ning Xi was set up for a blind date.

"What’s the situation right now? Grandfather...grandfather, please calm down...I…"

She looked helplessly at both the elders chatting happily, totally ignoring her.

Ning Tianxin laughed looking at Ning Xi’s expression. "Actually, Elder Xi’s grandson is a pretty nice person, you should meet him."

Ning Xi put her hand to her forehead. "I’m not in the mood for this right now!"

A worried thought passed through Ning Tianxin’s mind. "Xiao Xi, could it be possible that you still haven't gotten over Su Yan?"

Speaking of the devil, a maid suddenly came rushing in and reported, "Master, your son-in-law is here!"

Everyone turned around at looked towards the entrance.

"Son-in-law? Who?!"

"Who else? The only one who’s engaged in the Ning family right now is Ning Xueluo, of course, it’s Su Yan from the Su family!"

A man in a black outfit walked in with an assistant holding a rectangular box behind him.

As soon as they saw him, Fang Yinglin said, "Xueluo, your husband’s here, quickly go greet him!"

"Stop saying that, he’s not my husband yet!" Seeing the charming man in front of him, Ning Xueluo’s heart raced quickly, all her unhappy thoughts about what happened earlier instantly vanishing.

Jin Xuanxuan went along with Fang Yinglin as well, "You’ve already agreed to his proposal, haven't you?"

Fang Yinglin kept on staring at him. "Oh my, Su Yan’s becoming more and more handsome!"

Ning Xueluo blushed, then walked towards Su Yan elegantly, "Bro Su, you’re here!"



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