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(High Praises)

Ning Zhiyuan’s words made his friends laughed.

"You’re being annoying here, Elder Xi, you’ve been telling everyone you meet! Your grandson gave it to you and he begged Master Xuan Jing for consecration for a few months. Our ears are tired from listening to you talk about how filial your grandson is!"

"You know that Elder Ning really respected Master Xuan Jing and he tried to ask for a consecration before but was rejected. Stop showing off in front of him!"

"Hahahaha...it’s Elder Ning’s birthday today, stop provoking him!"

"Is it really rare to have this Master Xuan Jing to consecrate a bracelet?" a person from the crowd asked after listening to the discussion.

Xi Boyi put on a serious expression and answered, "Of course, Master Xuan Jing is a genuine, eminent monk and he doesn’t do consecrations for just anyone. It doesn’t matter how much money you give; no means no. It’s all about being sincere and most importantly, having an affinity! Such a bracelet is super rare! Isn’t that what you call a priceless treasure?!"

Master Xuan Jing kept a low profile, so not many people knew about him but for those who did gave their respect to him from the bottoms of their heart.

"It’s really rare! I heard from someone I knew who has gone there personally and failed!"

"Put sincerity aside; having an affinity is really difficult, it’s such a vague concept. How does one even qualify as having affinity?"

"Exactly, it’s rare because of how difficult it is! Why do you think Elder Xi was showing off for so long? He almost made it into his family treasure!"

"Most importantly, it really has spiritual powers within it! He was so sick before...wait, why did Elder Xi suddenly talk about this? Weren’t we looking at Elder Ning’s bracelet?"

With some small pockets of discussions still going on, Xi Boyi looked at Ning Xi’s bracelet for some time again before he returned it to Ning Zhiyuan, then he turned to Ning Xi and asked, "Little girl, you must have invested in a lot of effort to get this jade bead bracelet consecrated, didn’t you?"

What Xi Boyi meant was...was this bracelet consecrated by Xuan Jing as well?

How...how was this possible?

It was so difficult to obtain. Just what in the world did this yokel do?

Ning Xi was speechless.

She had no idea what just happened.

Was this old man sure that the bracelet she had bought was worthy of such high praises?

Would he believe her if she said she just spent 150 thousand dollars for this in Jade Treasury and that she did not know Master Xuan Jing?

Ying Fanglin was mumbling to Ning Xueluo, "It was just a minor consecration by some monk, is it really that surprising? To the point of calling it a priceless treasure?"

Ning Xueluo bit her lip and shook her head. "Fanglin, don’t say that, Grandfather is really respectful towards Master Xuan Jing…"

This was the reason why the elder did not care about what Long Fanyin said before while Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu trusted him so blindly. The elder did not trust Long Fanyin.

So, even though she felt sour, she dared not say anything because Elder Ning really respected Master Xuan Jing. Otherwise, she would be indirectly insulting Elder Ning.

Ying Fanglin could not bear to see Ning Xueluo like this. "Xueluo, why are you so easily bullied? I’ll get even for you!"

Ning Xueluo had successfully tricked Ying Fanglin to help her. She even made a pitiful face and Ying Fanglin did not use much of her brain and bought her act.



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