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(Not Enough After Showing It Off 800 Times)

"W...what? Priceless treasure? Are you kidding me?" Ying Fanglin yelled at him.

Jin Xuanxuan’s expression changed and he stopped her, "What nonsense are you talking about? The one who’s talking is Elder Xi!"

"Who's Elder Xi?" Ying Fanglin asked, confused.

"He's from the family that trades jades and gemstones! The one and only Xi Boyi!" Jin Xuanxuan reminded her exasperatedly.

"Ah...so that’s who he is...but...but it’s impossible! When we were gossiping with Ning Xueluo over tea the last time, she mentioned that she bought a 150 thousand dollar jade as a present! Did I hear wrongly?"

"No, she did say that the last time...but Elder Xi can't be wrong! That’d be blasphemy!"

As she heard Xi Boyi’s declaration and the heated discussion between Ying Fanglin and Jin Xuanxuan, there was a slight displeasure in Ning Xueluo’s expression but she still remained calm. She was sure that she had heard that Ning Xi bought the bracelet for 150 thousand dollars. How could that be wrong?

Although Xi Boyi was respectable and had been assessing jades for his whole life, coleft he have made a mistake this time?

Actually not many people present that night knew much about jade. Ning Xueluo’s friends were just making passing comments earlier and some people started to echo along as they saw her friends speaking so confidently about it.

However, now that Elder Xi had declared it to be a priceless treasure, everyone was not sure who to listen to.

Even Ning Zhiyuan was confused.

Although he was just a hobbyist and was not as skillful as Xi Boyi at assessing jade, he did know a thing or two about precious stones. Ning Xi’s jade was alright but it sure did not look like something as exaggerated as a priceless treasure.

Ning Zhiyuan had a lot of questions in his mind. "Elder Xi, what do you mean? What priceless treasure?"

Xi Boyi dared not to jump to conclusions, so he spoke up, "Zhiyuan, do you mind letting me take a look at the bracelet?"

Ning Zhiyuan handed it over.

After looking at it for some time, he took out a magnifying glass from his shirt pocket and stared at one of the beads with clear excitement...

"What actually do you see?" Ning Zhiyuan asked impatiently.

The bystanders looked on curiously as well, discussing and not believing for a minute that this jade was a priceless treasure. It must have been a mistake on Xi Boyi's part due to his old age…

"Ning Xi, are you sure the jade is fine?" Ning Tianxin asked, still worried that Ning Xueluo had done something to it.

Ning Xi shrugged innocently. "I can guarantee that when I bought it, it was still fine."

Could Jade Treasury have possibly given her some flawed jade?

The worker who had served her much later looked really kind. Had he been bribed by Su Yimo?

Ning Xi started raising her own suspicions…

In the end, when Xi Boyi was done assessing, he suddenly took off a jade bead bracelet from his wrist and showed it to Ning Zhiyuan. "Zhiyuan, what do you think of my bracelet?"

Ning Zhiyuan flew into a jealous rage. "You old fellow, that’s enough! Isn't that the bracelet your grandchild got you? Is it not enough after showing it off 800 times?!"

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