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(How Could She Cut Herself Off From Worldly Desires When There Are Temptations)

Actually, before she arrived, she had felt nervous and reluctant when she thought about meeting the Ning family.

The trauma from her past was too hurtful to be forgotten easily and it still haunted her in the form of nightmares.

But being present there, facing the odd stares from those people and the mockery from her own parents, along with Ning Xueluo’s usual hypocritical act, she was not as anxious as she anticipated to be. There was not even the tiniest sense of rage or anger…

Time could really change a person.

Before she realized it, all the things she cared so much about before did not matter as much now.

"Mmm, you're not just prettier, you’ve actually gained much more confidence. I can see it, especially in your eyes. How do I put it? There’s an unknown strength from them, like the rebirth of a phoenix,

rising from the ashes…" Ning Tianxin told her excitedly although she felt a little heartache.

People don't change without reason and she did not know what triggered Ning Xi's change today. She felt that it was odd when Ning Xi had gone overseas five years ago but she felt like she was not in the position to ask about it.

Ning Xi smiled and cupped her chin in her hands. "Cousin Sister, you've even got a flair for complimenting people!"

"I’m serious!" Ning Tianxin replied.

Ning Xi sipped some wine and sighed, "Love breeds sorrow, love breeds fear. Those who have abandoned love are free from sorrow and fear. Maybe it's because I don’t care anymore that none of this matters now. You’re stronger when are free of desires…"

Ning Tianxin looked a little pale hearing Ning Xi's words. "Xiao Xi, what are you thinking?! Why does it sound like you’re cutting yourself off from any worldly ties?"

Ning Xi coughed. She was just joking around but Ning Tianxin was clearly scared, so she quickly comforted her, "Sis Xin, I’m just kidding, don’t worry!"

She was obsessed with such temptations around her, how could she cut herself off from any worldly ties? It would be great if she could really achieve that!

Ning Xi chatted with Ning Tianxin happily while the gossip about her earlier soon stopped since Ning Xi did not pay them any mind.

Their main purpose here was to get on the elder’s and Ning Yaohua’s good side; they were not here to look at some unimportant adopted daughter.

The night came. More and more guests arrived and the banquet hall was filled with people.

Ning Yaohua was trying her hardest to make the elder happy. He got people to bring out the presents he had prepared beforehand.

He had prepared an exquisitely-made Red Coral Eight Treasure screen which looked very extravagant. Everyone praised it and mentioned how filial Ning Yaohua was.

The elder just looked at it and just let it slide. He did not look very happy, apparently because he was still angry.

Ning Xueluo gave his father a comforting gaze and shot Ning Xi daggers. He went up to the elder with a wooden box filled with intricate carvings in her hands. "Grandfather, happy birthday! This is a present I picked out by myself, I hope you’ll like it!"

Zhuang Lingyu started, "Father, open it! Xueluo’s company started to earn some money recently and she used her own money to buy it for you! I’ve mentioned paying for her but she insisted on preparing the present herself for it to be sincere!"

The elder took a glance at his granddaughter and opened the box and slowly. Upon seeing what was inside, his facial expression changed drastically.

Inside the box was a bracelet made of jade beads.



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