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(Everything Would Be Hers Eventually)

Ning Yaohua stopped talking to Ning Yaobang and focused on the old man first. "Father, it’s not that I don’t want to announce it but it's too hasty to do so. We’ve been telling everyone that she’s adopted, then suddenly the adopted daughter becomes the real daughter. You’d need a good excuse for that! It'll be a big joke if we do it unprepared! Furthermore, it will look really bad if we mess up on your birthday today!"

"Hasty, hasty...it’s been five years! You have never even bothered about this matter, have you?!"

"Of course, I have, I’ve looked for her when she first returned and even wanted to arrange a job for her. She could have slowly adapted to our Ning family, only then we’d announce her real identity. It was she who wanted to enter the entertainment industry. Not only did she bring up some nasty rumours upon herself, she even affected Xueluo…"

Actually, announcing Ning Xi’s identity had never occurred to him.

The terrible scandal of Ning Xi giving birth to a dead child after having sex with two escorts was a time bomb that would explode any moment.

If it was ever exposed one day...

He could never let anyone know that Ning Xi was her biological daughter!

Ning Zhiyuan did not believe his son and asked, "A job? What kind of job did you arrange for Xiao Xi?"

"Our branch company in Singapore…"

"You bastard, you’re sending her far away right after she had just returned! What are you letting Xiao Xi do at that stupid place with just 20 over employees?"

"I’m just trying to let her gain more experience. I can’t put her straight into our main office, can I?"

"Xiao Xi is my granddaughter, why not?! Xiao Xi, you’ll join the main office tomorrow in the finance department!"

Ning Xueluo’s expression changed when she heard what Ning Zhiyuan said.

She had actually wanted to join the Ning company’s main office at first but her position would attract a lot of suspicion in the company. Thus, she decided to use reverse psychology. Even if Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu had suggested it, she would decline them, showing that she was not going after any benefits the Ning family would be associated with at all. As a result, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu showered her with more love and even the elder had nothing to say about it.

Ning Zhiyuan really hated the two illegitimate daughters of Ning Yaobang. They were not a threat to her at all. Even though Ning Tianxin could possibly give birth to a son, she was still charmed by a man from her past so there was no worrying about her. Ning Xueluo was patient because after she had gained enough resources from the Su family, everything from the Ning family would be hers eventually.

But now, after so many years of hard work, they were falling apart all because of Ning Xi!

How could she tolerate this?!

After the elder finished, not only Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Xueluo, even Ning Yaobang could not stand it anymore.

"Father, are you kidding me? She graduated from some unknown university and has no working experience at all, how could you let her join the finance department?! Even if you were to pick, you should pick Tianxin! Or even Xiao Ru and Xiao Ai!"

"Brother, you’re overestimating your children. While it’s true that Tianxin graduated from the University of Imperial, she’s an art major, so what can she do in the finance department? As for your two illegitimate daughters, what else do they know aside from dressing themselves up? Are you trying to mess up the company by letting them join the finance department? Father has said it before, Xueluo will join the finance department after she's married!"



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