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(Successor With The Blood Of The Ning Family)

Ning Xi and Ning Tianxin looked at each other helplessly. Ning Tianxin was a feeble person and would not say anything, so Ning Xi spoke up, "Grandfather! Stop! You can’t be like this! The first thing you tell me after so many years is to urge me to marry. You know what kind of grandfather isn’t cute? It’s the kind that urges their grandchildren to get married!"

Ning Zhiyuan shot her a stubborn look. "Then, do you know what kind of granddaughter isn’t cute? One like you! Always roaming outside and not coming back, and not bearing any great-grandchild for me! I’m already 70 years old today, how many years do I have left?"

Ning Xi was speechless by his rebuttal.

Ning Zhiyuan looked in the direction of the banquet hall and said to them in a sad tone, "It’s not that I want to force the both of you. I have no choice.

"Up until your generation, there isn’t a male offspring. Who am I going to pass the family business to? Are you asking me to pass it to the adopted Ning Xueluo? Or your second uncle’s two illegitimate daughters?"

Both Ning Xi and Ning Tianxin looked down shamefully after hearing what their grandfather said.

Ning Xi lived with a no marriage doctrine; she would probably never get married her whole life, what more have a child to take over the family business.

Ning Tianxin already had someone in mind but they missed their window of opportunity. She still could not let it go after so many years and she could not accept anyone else, so she was not able to fulfil Grandfather’s wish as well.

Ning Tianxin’s father, also Ning Xi’s second uncle, Ning Yaobang wanted to force Ning Tianxin to marry someone and give birth to a successor but the fragile Ning Tianxin was stubborn on the inside. She insisted not to marry at all and threatened him with her death, so Ning Yaobang had been sprinkling his seeds outside in a desperate attempt and cultivating his illegitimate daughters, hoping they could give birth to a successor soon…

As for Ning Xueluo, even though she was adopted, it seemed that they had discussed with the Su family that her firstborn male would bear the surname Ning.

Ning Yaohua had been fighting with Ning Yaobang restlessly…

Ning Yaohua’s biggest chip was Ning Xueluo’s influence and her marriage to the Su family, while Ning Yaobang’s biggest chip was that while he did not have a son, at least all his daughters were her real daughters. If any of them gave birth to a son, then he would be the successor with the bood of the Ning family!

As the discussion progressed, it turned stale. Both Ning Xi and Ning Tianxin not having any idea how to reply their grandfather. They could not promise him but they were not cruel enough to break his heart.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came through…

"Father, many people are waiting to meet you. Why are you here in the backyard? Uh...you...Ning Xi…" As Zhuang Lingyu was speaking, she noticed that there someone else was with Ning Tianxin and Ning Zhiyuan.

After realizing that it was Ning Xi, Zhuang Lingyu’s expression darkened and she yelled at her, "What are you doing here?! We have a lot of guests here, what would happen if they saw you? Get out!"

Before Ning Xi could say anything, the old man was enraged. "Ridiculous, Xiao Xi is my biological granddaughter, what makes you think you can chase her out?!"

Zhuang Lingyu was worried and she carefully looked around. "Father...please keep your voice down!"

"What for? Am I wrong? Is Xiao Xi not your daughter?" Ning Zhiyuan was even angrier seeing her worried gesture.

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