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(Clear-Cut Description Of Their Relationship)

In the banquet hall, the decoration looked glamorous. All the guests and relatives were wishing the elder and greeting him with auspicious words.

Without a doubt, everyone was focused on the current head, Ning Yaohua and his family.

The guests attending were all powerful people from the city. Aside from Ning Yaohua’s business partner, there was also Ning Xueluo’s powerful friends within the industry. All the other relatives were jealous of them but still fawned over them for the sake of their benefit.

"Lingyu, you’re so blessed, your husband is so capable and so is your daughter!"

"I’m really envious of your daughter. Not only is she pretty, she’s getting more and more popular! Apart from her acting career, she has even started a company of her own!"

"I know, right? Her brand is even famous overseas, many friends of mine were asking me to make a reservation for them for the latest items!"

Ning Xueluo felt a little shy from all the compliments. "Uncle, Aunt, you all are exaggerating, I was just fooling around with my free time."

"She's not just capable, she’s got a good personality and she's humble as well. Nothing like the one I have at home, always getting me into trouble! Madam Ning, how did you manage to have such a wonderful daughter, give us some tips!" a bunch of people started asking Zhuang Lingyu.

Zhuang Lingyu looked at her daughter proudly and smiled. "I don’t really have much experience actually, Ning Xueluo never really needed me to worry about her."

"Oh, how envious!"

Among the waves of praises, a small voice piped up, "Speaking of which…I really don’t know what the elder was thinking, he already has such a fabulous granddaughter, yet he still insisted on adopting a little girl from his hometown and put her under your care. Then, she caused so much trouble...was he trying to just spice up his life?"

Zhuang Lingyu's mouth tightened into an unnatural smile and she said, "He pitied her and was just trying to be kind...we as the younger generation could only follow his will."

She was totally carving out a clear-cut description of her relationship with Ning Xi.

Until today, no one knew that Ning Xi and Ning Xueluo had exchanged their identity. Everyone still thought that Ning Xi was just an adopted child from the elder's hometown.

At first, when the elder took Ning Xi back, he was going to publicize her identity since she was his real grandchild and Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu had agreed.

But...no thanks to Ning Xueluo’s provocation, Ning Xi had embarrassed her family on several occasions, making Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu really unhappy.

On the day they were going to announce Ning Xi’s actual identity, Ning Xi had worn a counterfeit version of a branded dress and was found out, bringing unspeakable humiliation to her family.

The both of them instantly changed their mind, deciding not to announce Ning Xi’s identity and they had been delaying the matter. Five years ago, after Ning Xi did something else that insulted the family name, they totally gave up on coming clean about her identity and sent her overseas instead…

"You’re really kind for sending her overseas to study as well, but it has been five years, isn’t it? She should have graduated, hasn't she? I wonder what she's doing now? Is she working in Ning International?" a distant relative asked.



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