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(Advanced Love Rival Repellant)

When he reached the office in the afternoon, Lu Jingli reported what had happened to his brother. Of course, he exaggerated how he used his extraordinary talking skills to convince their parents and to turn the tables.

"Although it wasn’t settled in the end, it’s still a good sign. Father and Mother weren’t even considering her before but at least they are trying now! Bro, I think your plan can continue, just a few more times and they might really just agree to anything." Lu Jingli had a smug look on his face.

Lu Tingxiao dared not remind his brother that if their parents were to give up on him, the Lu family still had another son. If it came to that point, it would be the second son who would be forced to marry.

As the brothers were talking, someone knocked on the office door.

Little Treasure walked in and the one who followed behind him was not Ning Xi but was Gong Shangze.

Lu Tingxiao frowned a little. "Where’s Ning Xi?"

For some reason, Gong Shangze always freaked out when he saw this man, so he replied carefully, "CEO Lu, Sis Xi mentioned she had something urgent, so she didn’t come up. She asked me to inform you that she’ll be back in around two hours to get Little Treasure."

"An urgent matter?" Lu Tingxiao scanned his calendar and realized that it was Ning Xi’s grandfather’s birthday. She had probably gone back home.

Lu Tingxiao was worried, not feeling at ease to have Ning Xi go back alone but since it was just a short two hours, there should not be any issue. She probably just went back to wish her grandfather…

Lu Jingli was suddenly revived as he looked at Gong Shangze. "Eh, did something happen when I wasn’t here? Who are you? Why are you so close to Xiao Xi Xi?"

Gong Shangze guessed that this man was probably the owner of Glory World Entertainment, Ning Xi’s superior Lu Jingli, so he respectfully replied, "Hello, I’m…"

After Lu Jingli finished hearing Gong Shangze's introduction, he said to his brother, "Damn, Bro, you’re really generous, letting a pretty boy go near Sister-in-law. Aren’t you worried that she’d eat him up?"

Lu Tingxiao glanced at the nervous Lu Jingli and replied with just three words, "There’s Little Treasure."

Lu Jingli was speechless…

Ha...his brother...what a move…

No wonder he did not take Little Treasure back home to create more chances to meet Ning Xi. Instead, he sent Little Treasure to stay with her. That way, he would have a top spy and an advanced love rival repellant right beside her!

Utilizing his son to the fullest, Little Treasure and Ning Xi probably felt grateful for him...

At the Ning family residence.

Today was the 70th birthday of the Ning family elder, Ning Zhiyuan, and a huge number of guests were invited to celebrate.

Ning International was doing exceptionally well in the hands of the eldest son Ning Yaohua and they were going to be affiliated with the Su family through their children’s marriage, so the number of people attending was extraordinary.

Despite being extremely busy, the maids and waiters looked happy. The Master was powerful and they took pride in their job as well. No matter where they went, telling people that they worked for the Ning family would attract envy.



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