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(Even Of Different Species)

Lu Jingli calmly raised his eyebrows. "That might not be the case...anyhow, it wasn’t my idea, I don’t know anything about it.

"We already knew that he was not sure about his sexual orientation before. What happened five years ago was a set up by me and he almost became estranged with everyone here. And now Ning Xi has appeared and thank goodness that she is a woman. Yet, the both of you are getting in their way and forcing Brother to marry someone he doesn’t like.

"With such a difficult love life, who'd have known if he has suffered from some emotional trauma? Then, he might get fed up and end up liking men instead! Come to think of it, it is possible!"

Lu Jingli’s words really terrified both Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi.

This was the one thing that worried them the most. Even though it might just be a plot of their son's, they still had to make sure of it.

Lu Chongshan looked really unwell and in the end, he spoke up, "Help me send a word to your brother. If he wants to marry that woman, he can go ahead."

Lu Jingli was exhilarated but only for a moment as he knew that his father would have something else to say.

True enough, he continued, "As long as he agrees to these requirements."

"What requirements?"

"First and foremost, she needs to quit the entertainment industry. Secondly, cover up her background. We will find a suitable identity for her to assume. Thirdly, before she comes into our family, she will need to undergo some finishing education regarding manners and appropriate behavior…"

Lu Jingli picked his ears as if he thought he misheard and interrupted, "Father, I don’t have to go and tell Brother anymore. I’ll reply you on his behalf!"

"What are you trying to say?" Lu Chongshan asked with a deep, threatening voice.

"Father, you’re not being sincere. You might as well not let them marry at all!"

Lu Chongshan was astonished. "What do you mean?"

He had spent a whole night coming up with this idea. He could never accept that woman but he could still compromise, so he tried his best to think of a way to have an ideal outcome. How was that not sincere?

Lu Jingli sighed, "Father, let me tell you, the woman Brother likes is a wolf. What you’re trying to do is to bring the wolf from the forest into a zoo and trap it inside a cage. You’re going to paint it white, remove its teeth and claws, put it on a leash...and hand it to my brother then say, here you go, your favorite wolf cub is here! How do you think Brother would feel? You’re not doing this for his sake, you’re destroying what he loves!"

Yan Ruyi frowned and flared her nostrils. "Jingli, your analogy isn’t appropriate. We’re just trying to make the girl a better person in order to become Tingxiao’s wife and Little Treasure’s mother!"

"Fine, then I’ll use another example. Do you remember when I was still a child, I really liked a bunny? In the end, it died of sickness and I was sad to the point that I had no appetite for a few days and you guys brought me another bunny that looked similar to make me happy. Do you remember how I reacted?"

Yan Ruyi nodded. "You didn’t want it, you asked me to send it away."

"Yes, even if it was the same, I knew that it was not the one I liked from before, yet now you’re turning a wolf into a puppy. Heck, they are even of different species! There are a lot of people who are suitable for my brother but so what if he and Little Treasure don’t like them?"



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