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(As Flirty As Your Bro Tang?)

Ning Xi held Little Treasure in her arms as Lu Tingxiao took off his maroon coat and put it on Ning Xi. He then put his hand over her shoulder and they walked out together…

Tsk, they looked like an actual family together…

Although Lu Tingxiao had warned the crowd, everyone still stared at them in surprise when they saw the maternal side of the guy named Tang. It did not add up to his flirtatious side at all! Their sharp stares softened just by looking at Ning Xi in such a position…

Oh no! Stop looking! What if they were not straight?! Afterall, he was the person who turned Lu Tingxiao gay!

The guys were trying to calm themselves down while the girls’ hearts had been stolen away long ago. Even though they knew that he liked men, they still could not help but fall for him!

He looked even more charming while holding the child...how gentle…

Small Qiao tucked herself into her sister’s arms, feeling really sad. "I’m feel so blue...the two men that I liked the most! They got together! I actually experienced two breakups in one night!"

Big Qiao was not sure how to console her sister. "Uh…" Well, technically, she was not wrong...it was really two breakups…

Small Qiao put her hand on her chest dramatically as she said, "Hot guys are already so scarce, yet the both of them got together! Two top-notch men just went to waste! My heart hurts!"

Big Qiao tried to comfort her, "Don’t worry, there’s still Bro Jingli here!"

Small Qiao did not look impressed. "No! Lu Jingli is too flirtatious! He’s not my type! I don’t want him, no matter how handsome he looks!"

Lu Jingli had just passed by Small Qiao and almost stumbled after he overheard what she had said.

What the heck! I’m flirtatious? Fine, I admit that I’m flirtatious! But am I as flirtatious as your Bro Tang?

Your Bro Tang had had his hands over both men and women...you foolish girls!

Lu Jingli sent the three of them off to the entrance, feeling sorry for himself, but he still supported his brother. "It’s really late already, it’d be troublesome to go back to your place. Why don't you just stay at my brother’s place for a night?"

Ah, how selfless was he! If there was an award for the best younger brother, he would win, hands down!

Ning Xi thought about it. The little bun’s dad stayed just right beside here and it was troublesome to bring the little bun all the way back to her apartment…

"Sure, I’m okay with it," Ning Xi replied.

They started walking towards Lu Tingxiao’s place. When they were reaching the entrance, the little bun stirred a little in Ning Xi’s arms. He went mad when he saw the familiar building!

He grabbed on Ning Xi’s clothes and shook his head. He really did not want to go in!

No, no, no! Not going to leave Aunty Xiao Xi!

Apparently, the little bun thought that Ning Xi was going to send him back home.

Ning Xi comforted him gently, "Little Treasure, I’m not leaving you here. I’m staying here with you for the night, we’ll leave together back to my place tomorrow morning, alright?"

The little bun was still half asleep, unsure if he had heard what Ning Xi said but he kept shaking his head and was almost on the verge of crying. He just desperately did not want to go in, reacting as if it was the devil’s den.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao helplessly. "What should we do?"

Lu Tingxiao sighed, "It’s alright, I’ll send you back."

Son...please don’t betray me…

I’ll not kiss her in front of you next time, okay?

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