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(Truth Or Dare)

"It’s no fun playing with you! You guys suck and you keep on losing! Why don't we play truth or dare?" suggested Small Qiao, excitement practically throbbing all over her face.

Even though it was just a brief moment of meeting him, her interest in this man was piqued to an intense level.

Most importantly, she realized that Zhuang Keer was interested in him as well, but because of her social standing and her ties with Lu Tingxiao, she was not in the right position to make any move. She just watched them from a corner of the room instead.

Small Qiao had always gotten a kick out of harassing Zhuang Keer, so she signaled her sister as they prepared to get into action.

Truth or dare was the best way to create sparks among people in a party setting, and Big Qiao was good at playing the game. Basically, she could make anyone her target as long as she intended for them to be.

Of course, that was provided that Ning Xi did not do anything out of her expectations.

Small Qiao held on Ning Xi’s arm and coyly said, "Bro Tang, that was your way of playing with the boys but you can’t bully us when you’re playing with us!"

Ning Xi would never try anything funny with the girls. It would all depend on luck, so she assured them, "Of course not."

Small Qiao was satisfied and she gave Big Qiao another signal before starting the game.

Unfortunately, luck was not on Ning Xi's side tonight and she was it for a few rounds. Even though she knew that the twins had done something to the cards intentionally, she did not mind at all and played along.

In the first round.

"Bro Tang, truth or dare?" Small Qiao asked with a sweet smile.

Ning Xi thought for a while before answering, "Truth." Usually, the first question would be to test the waters and should not be a controversial one.

As expected, Small Qiao asked a key question but it was an easy one, "Bro Tang, do you have a girlfriend?"

Obviously, many of them wanted to know as well and even Small Qiao was nervous.

"Nope," Ning Xi answered them straightforwardly.

"Really? Bro Tang, don’t try to lie to me!"

Ning Xi smiled, "Of course not, it’s the truth." Even though she said it very casually, her eyes shone and made people feel that she was telling the truth.

Many of the girls were excited after they heard Ning Xi’s answer, vesting more interest in the game now although they knew that the twins were rigging it.

The second time, Ning Xi was it once again.

Small Qiao cocked her head and urged, "Bro Tang, what about this time? Truth or dare?"

"Truth." The questions might get more exciting than the first one but should still be manageable.

Small Qiao acted like she was thinking really hard, then she asked slowly, "Bro Tang, how many girlfriends have you had before?"

Ning Xi was not surprised but she raised her eyebrows and answered honestly, "Hmm...sorry, I can’t remember."

She really forgot how many guys she had ever toyed with, only Jiang Muye was still in contact with her now.

Ning Xi stole a glance at the devil hidden in the shadows of the corner while she answered the question.

"How naughty, Bro Tang! I knew it, you must have had a lot of girlfriends before!" Small Qiao pouted. It was expected that a charming man like him did; she was just asking out of curiosity.

The third time when Ning Xi was it again, she did not pick truth anymore. "Dare."



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