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(Anger From The Bachelors)

Lu Jingli anxiously scratched the back of his ears, then suddenly his eyes shone and he grabbed the little bun. He held his little shoulders and said with a serious tone, "Little Treasure, how can you only think of eating? Quickly ignite your galaxy fighting skills! Your Aunty Xiao Xi is about to be taken away!"

The little bun held a cup of fruit juice and had buttercream on one side of his mouth. He blinked innocently without any sense of urgency.

They were all girls, why would he need to fight them?

The little bun looked down and started to write on his writing board: [Girls]

"G...girls...they are all girls, that's right...but it's not just men you have to be careful of, girls are even scarier, okay?" Lu Jingli was completely at a loss, not knowing how to explain the crisis at hand to the little bun.

Damn it, even Little Treasure was unreliable!

The fact that the situation had progressed as such irked some people to the point that they could no longer look on at the scene unfolding before them. Some people would include the bachelors present.

Everyone in the circle knew that a party by Lu Jingli would be filled with the most pretty girls, and of the utmost quality too. That was why the moment they received new, the bachelors who were all immediately howled their way over.

One of Lu Jingli was enough to steal all the limelight, and now with Lu Tingxiao present, there was no place for them at all.

Furthermore, when Lu Tingxiao was about to leave earlier, not only did he fail to, a heavy duty atomic bomb had also made its way over to the party.

And now, this random punk who had appeared out of nowhere had saved their goddess, Zhuang Keer, even stealing all the attention of the women. How could they not hate him?!

With envy and jealousy boiling in them, fueled by hatred, they wanted to sabotage the Casanova.

A brown-haired man walked over and handed Ning Xi a cigarette, while he squinted with an unfriendly expression, "Brother, we've never seen you before!"

"Thanks, I'm quitting smoking." Ning Xi did not accept the cigarette and took out a lollipop from Little Treasure's pocket to start sucking on that instead.

Ning Xi was indeed quitting smoking but such an action was obviously seen as arrogance and not giving face. The man's expression darkened as he restrained himself, anger flashing across his eyes as he said, "Bro, shall we play?"

Ning Xi obviously knew what the bachelors present had in mind. She was gentle to girls but not to men. Since these people were submitting themselves for torture, she obviously would not be soft on them and she replied instantly, "Okay!"

Then, she rubbed the little bun's head and said softly, "Little Treasure, go wait over there with your father for a while. I'll go over to look for you real soon."

Little Treasure nodded and obediently went to look for his father...

Not too far away, Lu Tingxiao watched his son run over him in clumsy steps and felt as though his wife was one of those carefree, do-as-she-pleases women outside while he was left at home to take care of the kid...

On the other end of the room, the men started to play games.

The table was fully lined up with alcohol bombs for the loser to drink.

These bachelors were all familiar with this game and all of them had the same revengeful intent to let Ning Xi make a fool of herself, wanting to make her piss drunk.

At the start, Lu Tingxiao was a little worried Ning Xi would be taken advantage of. However, he noticed very quickly that he had little to be concerned about.

Whether it came to cards or dice, Ning Xi did not lose a single game. Instead, it was those men who had intentionally picked on her who were losing horribly. They lay sprawled across the table and drank until they were about to throw up.

On the other hand, Ning Xi who had not drunk a single sip of alcohol sat leisurely in the middle of the sofa, successfully harvesting all the hearts of the girls present.

Mmm, she probably had also turned some people gay on the spot...



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