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(Are You Trying To Crash My Party?)

When Ning Xi's heroic scene of saving the beauty had finally ended, she held the little bun's hand before walking towards Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli.

Her charm and aura were so powerful that it was only then that everyone noticed the little rice dumpling beside Ning Xi too.

Because those who were present were all close friends, many people immediately recognized the little bun!

"Ah! That...that little boy...isn't he CEO Lu's son?"

"It is CEO Lu's son, I've met him once at Elder Lu's birthday banquet!"

"Why would the Lu family's Little Master be so close to this guy? Could this man be a relative of the Lu family?"

"Not necessarily a relative, but he must have a very close relationship with Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli!"

"Since they have a close relationship, why haven't we seen him before then? This is just weird!"


The remarkable sight of a rebellious looking handsome guy holding a little dumpling's hand was like an arrow shooting straight through the hearts of the girls present, causing a wave of shrieks again...


After Ning Xi put on her disguise, even her actions were naturally that of a man's. She naturally hugged Lu Tingxiao by the shoulders as a form of greeting, then stuffed the little bun into his arms, asking, "You're here so early?"

Lu Tingxiao looked gloomy and his thin lips were about to part, as if he wanted to say something. However, at last, he did not say anything and just looked miserable.

At last, Lu Jingli could not hold back and started demanding, "Xiao Xi Xi, what are you trying to do by dressing up like this?"

The first thing Ning Xi did was to order fruit juice and desserts for the little bun. Once the little bun was taken care of, she heard Lu Jingli's question and started to smile, her clear eyes looking teasingly at him. She then said matter-of-factly, "Of course, I'm trying to hit on the girls!"

Lu Jingli was confused and went on, "Please! Are you trying to crash my party? Let us single ones live it up! The supply of girls is already scarce! You're a girl and you're here to steal the girls from us. What are you trying to do?!"

Lu Jingli had intended to trick her but ended up as the fool, much to his chagrin.

When the little bun was focused on his food, Ning Xi took the opportunity to say in a lowered voice, "Hehe, Second Master, let me remind you, you've stolen many men from girls as well!"

Lu Jingli choked, then softly mumbled, "Well, of course, my good looks attract both men and women! However...there were many admirers, but now, no matter if it's girls or guys, they've all been stolen by you!"

Among those who had asked about Ning Xi earlier were some pretty girls and even a gay who shyly walked over to ask Ning Xi's name and where she was from. He was about to offer himself up for marriage, and from his hints, if that was not possible, he would be up for a one-night stand too...

As for Lu Tingxiao, apart from Zhuang Keer, no other girls dared to openly hit on him. However, Ning Xi was different.

Just as Ning Xi sat down to chat with Lu Jingli, two girls had taken the initiative to strike up a conversation with Lu Tingxiao.

In fact, the both of them were very beautiful women, the most sought-after twins by all the bachelors present...

They were the spitting image of each other. They wore the same body-hugging dress, one in white and the other in black.

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