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(If I Were A Woman, I Wouldn't Be Able To Resist Either!)

When she led Zhuang Keer to sit on the chair, Ning Xi did not leave immediately. Instead, she got the waiter to deliver a pair of flats and medicinal oil to heal sprains to her.

She only got up to leave after she had taught Zhuang Keer how to use it in detail.

Ning Xi was forever heartless to trashy men but she would be unbelievably gentle towards cute and weak girls. To her, girls were born to be loved and taken care of.

From a certain perspective, what Jiang Muye had said was not entirely wrong - one of Ning Xi's hidden attributes was indeed a tenderness towards women.

Zhuang Keer just nodded listlessly to what the person in front of her was saying when in reality, she had not heard a single word. She only reacted when she saw that her savior was about to leave. She subconsciously tugged on his clothes hem as she said, "Hold on!"

Ning Xi stopped her steps and look over suspiciously. The way her brows raised into an arch hooked into hearts around her.

Zhuang Keer said in a shaky voice, "I...I still don't really understand, can you...can you help me?"

Ning Xi brow arch stayed raised in an obvious expression; she could see right through Zhuang Keer's heart.

Zhuang Keer immediately had a regretful expression on her face. Damn it, what was she doing? How could she request such a thing?!

However, she could not control herself, she just did that subconsciously because he did not want him to leave...

"Of course." There was no way Ning Xi would embarrass a girl publicly, so she kneeled on one knee and lightly held the girl's fair ankle, warning, "It might hurt a little."


"Endure it for a while. If I don't use force, the blood clot will not subside. Later, when you go home to put it on yourself, remember to press on these two acupuncture points. Follow my way and press it five times, do it for three sets until you start to feel the heat...remember all of this?"

"Mmm, I remember now." Zhuang Keer who had always been arrogant nodded obediently, even her voice softening quite a bit.

No matter if it was the sunny and charming personality of Lu Jingli, or the cool Lu Tingxiao, they were at the peak of fighting for power, akin to the olden days of the royal family. Yet, this mysterious man had an entirely different charisma. He was like a lone wolf in an endless field, rid of worldly shackles and was not restricted at all, with no one to tame him. Even though he was in the hustle and bustle of the city, he was not bound by the mundane and was free like the wind, no one could hold him down. He could be gentle but would never stay for you...

This was someone a socialite like Zhuang Keer had neither met nor experienced. It was inevitable that she would instantly fall for him...

Not too far away, Lu Jingli was entirely stunned. "Amazing! Sister-in-law is just talented at hitting the girls up! Once she made her move, even I gave in to her...could it be that women understand women better? She...she's overwhelming! If I were a woman, I wouldn't be able to resist either!"

All of a sudden, a hard gaze that would chill one to the bones suddenly fell on him.

Lu Jingli shivered, then carefully looked at his brother before shutting up.

Lu Tingxiao was preparing to leave when he saw what happened. His eyes turned frigid and his beautifully carved face had a cold look on it. If there was a bar to indicate his anger above his head, it was currently increasing steadily...

He was being careful because he was afraid his wife would misunderstand but he never would have thought that he would be the one getting riled up and jealous. The person he was being match-made with had suddenly became his rival in love...



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