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(Practically An Evil Incubus!)

The man who held Zhuang Keer by her waist and saved her wore a black jacket, with slightly messy hair and an attractive face that could charm both men and women. The most hypnotizing part was his pair of clear eyes, which drooped a little with a kind of lazy unruliness, yet he looked nonchalant like nothing could really enter his heart...

However, even if he were cruel, he was a charmer...

But...but this man...was practically an evil incubus here to charm mortals!!!

Zhuang Keer thought that she was done for this time. With her ego, it was hard to imagine what would have happened if she had really fallen into the pool today. Thank God, she actually avoided the embarrassment!

The strong grip around her waist gave her an air of fresh calmness. When she subconsciously looked up, she was met with a pair of charming eyes...

"Are you alright?"

This man was like the others who would try to take advantage of her even if nothing had happened to her. When she had finally steadied herself, he did not wait for another minute to take his arm away and remain at a safe distance from her. In fact, he very thoughtfully moved her far away from the edge of the pool and stood on the side of it by himself.

Looking at the person in front of her, Zhuang Keer felt her heart beat frantically as she tried to thank him, "Thank...thank you..."

The man's mouth curved into a smile and sparked ripples of unknown feelings in her stomach as he replied, "My honor."

The buckle on Zhuang Keer's heel had come undone because it was twisted earlier, so as soon as the man had replied her, he very naturally bent down to help her buckle her heels properly again. Then, he held out a hand to the girl.

Zhuang Keer's fingers trembled slightly and she hesitated shortly before slowly offering her hand to him. The moment she touched his fingers, her cheeks immediately blushed against her wishes.

Apart from a palm supporting her, the man was not in contact with any other parts of her body, as he slowly walked with her, supporting her to sit down on a chair...

Initially, everyone watching on the sidelines was waiting for Imperial's number one socialite, Zhuang Keer to make a fool of herself by falling into the water as a result of chasing a man. Who'd have known that at that moment, someone would appear out of thin air? In fact, this man was so quick that no one had noticed when he appeared...

All the girls who had been complaining about a man who had ruined things were excitedly flushed at this point, even their words were all over the place...

"Oh, wow, he's handsome! Who's this man? Is it someone from within the circle? How have I never seen him?" a certain socialite started to ask around as she blushed shyly.

"I don't know who that is either! But his skills are so impressive! That move earlier was so quick and smooth! Just like something we'd see on television!"

"We've already seen Second Master and CEO Lu, so I thought I was immune to handsome men already! But what's happening? Why is my heart beating so fast? Aaah!"

"Me too, me too! I think it's love at first sight! What can we do?"

"Who's that person? When did Second Master befriend someone like this?"


Ning Xi's disguise was so good that even people who knew her could not realize that it was her.

Of course, there were also exceptions. The moment she appeared, Lu Tingxiao could immediately recognize her.

As for Lu Jingli, he was completely oblivious. It was only when he saw the baby Little Treasure behind Ning Xi that he thought of her...

Lu Jingli's brain was in a fog as he watched the situation unfold before him beyond control. The way Zhuang Keer looked at Ning Xi become increasingly odd and the group of girls fawning over Ning Xi grew, some even bothering him to ask about her identity... bro...ah pfft! It's sister-in-law!



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