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(An Entrance With Flair...)

Lu Jingli, on the other hand, was thinking about how Xiao Xi Xi was going to arrive soon and was worried if she would see anything that she should not have. He was suddenly so bothered that he did not even have the mood to flirt with the girls around him anymore. He carefully walked to his brother and said, "Bro, do you think we should just find an excuse to tell sister-in-law not to come anymore?"

Lu Tingxiao's long fingers tapped on the chair's arm rhythmically before he finally said, "She should already be on the way, I'll send her a message later to tell her to go to my place."

He could not risk anything. He then stood up and looked like he was ready to leave.

Zhuang Keer was not sure what Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli had whispered to each other but as soon as they were done, he looked like he was going to leave. As much as she appeared nonchalant, it was inevitable that she could not hide her sense of disappointment and embarrassment as she pleaded with her eyes, "Mr. Lu, leaving so soon? Don't you want to stay for a little while longer? Is there some sort of emergency?"

When she said this, everyone surrounding them instantly perked up their ears!

What? Lu Tingxiao is leaving so soon? He hadn't even stayed for more than five minutes, had he?

The fact that his own brother was going to leave after staying for such a short while was extremely embarrassing for Lu Jingli. However, it really was his fault for not planning properly tonight!

"Damn it! Why does Bro Xiao want to leave so soon? It must be because Zhuang Keer annoyed him!"

"Most probably! CEO Lu enjoys his quiet time the most. All of us admire CEO Lu but we didn't dare disturb him, yet she shamelessly walked up to annoy him!"

"Now we don't even have the chance to ogle him for the rest of the night anymore!"

"How annoying! Just because she has a decent family background, she thinks that she can act as she wishes now?"


Listening to the frustrated discussion around her, Zhuang Keer found it harder to ignore her annoyance. These goddamn women, what nonsense were they spewing? Lu Tingxiao was not leaving because he found her annoying!

The last time she had met him, she was in love and had long decided on the man in front of her. She finally met him again today, so there was no way she would give up so easily!

She was, after all, the Zhuang family's princess. Even if she stood beside the Lu family, everyone would have to say they were a good match, no matter who it was. She dared to say that in the entire Imperial, no one would suit Lu Tingxiao better than she did.

And other than Lu Tingxiao, she was not interested in anyone else!

Since she was young, as long as it was something she wanted, she would definitely get it. This time would be no different!

In fact, the both of them definitely had some fateful coincidences between them. She had just returned from overseas that night when she heard from a friend that Lu Jingli had also just returned and was having a party. The cherry on top of that piece of news was that Lu Tingxiao would be coming as well.

When she arrived, she saw him. Not only that, Lu Tingxiao who had only ever worn cool colors had actually broken tradition and wore a red tuxedo. In fact, it was the exact same color as her dress tonight! They were definitely meant to be!

She felt so emotional that her heart was about to melt the moment she saw him; he was even more stunning than the first time they had met...

This man! She must, must, must get her hands on him!

When she thought about her end goal, Zhuang Keer instantly regained her confident posture and chased after Lu Tingxiao, tittering in her 12-inch heels.

"Mr. Lu, please wait...for me...aahh..."

The combination of the sky-high heels Zhuang Keer wore that night and the wet poolside tiles, she slipped and lost her balance in the next moment. She could already feel herself fall embarrassingly into the pool...

Zhuang Keer's face twisted into a horrified and hopeless expression as she could already see everyone waiting to watch her fall in and laugh at her...

No...Please no...

Just as Zhuang Keer shut her eyes, her heart sinking in humiliation, a black shadow suddenly whizzed over at lightning speed. Despite having a thin frame, a slight arm steadied her by the waist and she was soon pulled into a warm, safe embrace. The person managed to spin her around dramatically and save her before she fell into the water...

A few meters away, Lu Jingli was stunned by the scene in front of him, as if he was watching a novel's male protagonist in action. The young "man" that had just made such an angel-like entrance and smoothly saved Zhuang Keer made the cup in his hand fall to the ground as he stuttered, "Sis...sister-in-law?"



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