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(Hog Him To Herself)

Lu Jingli did not think Zhuang Keer would come tonight. Suddenly, he looked like a tragedy had befallen unto him. It's not my fault, I didn't even invite her!

As lamented his situation, Lu Jingli skimmed the crowd and was even more stunned...

My gosh, what was this? He suddenly realized that out of all the dolled-up girls tonight, half of them were secretly stealing glances at his brother, with quite a few of them from the matchmaking list his parents had put together.

Even though he had not invited these people, he could not control other guests bringing their girlfriends along. They were all such close friends, so he couldn't just reject them for bringing a few friends over for some fun.

Thus, if anyone was to blame for the uninvited group of guests, it would be his brother...after all, he had been attracting both the bees and the butterflies...

Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli had only exchanged looks for a moment. To an outsider, Lu Tingxiao seemed to have not changed at all. He looked at the girl in front of him and nodded in greeting, "Miss Zhuang," and he did not say anything more.

However, the fact that she was not ignored was more than enough to please her. Zhuang Keer was contented and she released her nervously clasped fingers and revealed a smile. She then smoothly sat on the seat beside him and started to strike up a conversation with Lu Tingxiao. "I'm really sorry about what happened the last time. My parents said that they were only bringing me to meet some familiar uncles and aunties but who'd have known...Mr. Lu, you wouldn't mind, would you?"

The last time Lu Tingxiao had gone to observe their company's newly opened villa resort, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were also present at the villa on the pretense of enjoying a vacation with their friends. The people who were with them at that time were Zhuang family's elders and Zhuang Keer.

As the resort owner and younger family member, Lu Tingxiao obviously had to host them and it was then that he met Zhuang Keer once.

Obviously, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi's vacation was a front to try and matchmake him and Zhuang Keer. The plan was well-thought out, they wanted to let the two young ones go shopping and have fun at the villa after meeting to let their feelings blossom.

They did not expect that on that day, Lu Tingxiao would only accompany them for a half an hour meal and leave because of a work emergency...

Lu Tingxiao nonchalantly said, "No worries." If it was not for their meeting today, he would have long forgotten such a thing had happened, so naturally, he did not mind at all.

Zhuang Keer looked as if she was relieved of a burden and laughed, "That's good then, I was still worried that you would feel obliged. After all, it is pretty awkward for such a thing to have happened. Just like you, I was totally clueless then, so I understand how you felt..."

Zhung Keer did not mention the matchmaking incident at all, neither did she hint it, nor did she act as if she liked Lu Tingxiao at all. Instead, she acted like she was in the same boat as him to start the conversation. That way, even if Lu Tingxiao was just being a gentleman, there was no way she could look shameless and it was a common topic of conversation to chat about.


Seeing that Zhuang Keer and Lu Tingxiao were having a good conversation, the other women at the party who were here to cozy up to Lu Tingxiao were unhappy.

"What the hell? Bro Xiao finally joined a party like this for once and she decided to hog him to herself!"

"Sigh, this is what a good family background is for. With the right foundation, you won't feel afraid of striking up a conversation. Her every move is elegant, she deserves the title as Imperial's number one socialite!"

"What number one socialite? She immediately went up to hook up with a man in front of so many people! She's only had dinner with him once but she's making it seem like the Lu family have already accepted her!"




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