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(Seems Like She Was Tricked?)

At the Regal Riveria Hotel.

After they returned to the apartment, Ning Xi was a little worried.

Lu Jingli's party would probably be filled with people they knew within the circle, and most likely included people Lu Tingxiao knew well too. As Glory World's boss, there would probably be many people within the entertainment circle...

Had it just been her alone, she would just attend. From the outside, it seemed like she was an artist that Lu Jingli had personally recruited, so it would be normal for her to go and support him. However, she was now taking Little Treasure along too. Plus, Lu Tingxiao would be going and when the three of them stood together, it would probably not look proper.

Why did she feel like she was tricked by Lu Jingli?

Damn it, it seemed like she really has been...

Pfft! With Lu Jingli's IQ, she had actually fallen for it...


Ning Xi eyes flashed, an idea sparking. "Little Treasure, Aunty wants to put on makeup and change my clothes. I might take a while, wait for me!"

Little Treasure nodded without any complaints and he obediently went outside to wait.

After a while, Ning Xi pushed open the bedroom door.

Ning Xi wore a black leather motorcycle jacket with washed-out ripped jeans and black riveted Doc Martens. Her hair was short and unruly, and with a smirk, she had practically transformed into the handsome bad boy that girls could not resist.

The little bun who was sitting quietly on the sofa immediately turned his head when he heard the door, then...he blinked, and blinked again.

Even though Aunty Xiao Xi had dressed up beyond recognition, the little bun could still recognize her immediately. In fact, he did so with a curious expression and then excitedly circled Ning Xi several times. At last, he took up his writing board and hesitantly wrote a few words: [Uncle...Xiao Xi?]

When she saw the little bun's words on the writing board, Ning Xi's eyes darkened. "No, it's Brother Xiao Xi!"

Actually, she had been wanting to say this, but she was not sure who had taught Little Treasure to call her "aunty" and she felt old. She was obviously a big sister!

Mmm, if she was called "sister", something did not seem right...probably because there would be a seniority hierarchal gap from Lu Tingxiao.

It seemed like she did not have to ask to know who it was that let Little Treasure call her "aunty"...

However, now that she had changed her look, she could pretend to be young again for a while.

"Little bun, do I look handsome?" Ning Xi brushed her hair and posed handsomely.

The little bun nodded and very supportively wrote on his board with bolded words: [Handsome.]

Night fell.

At Platinum Palace, house number seven.

Lu Jingli's bungalow was right beside his brother's. Now the bungalow's entrance was lined up with so many luxury cars that he could practically have an exhibition of them. Many young and beautiful men and women got down from the cars and laughed in between conversations as they walked in. With the loud music in the bungalow and the brightly lit space, it was getting lively inside.

What Lu Jingli had said before this was not a lie. Everyone who came this time was people they knew well. There were many couples, both married and not, some even bringing their little ones. It could be called a party but it was more of a gathering of friends, so things wouldn't get too out of hand.

Obviously, with such a good opportunity, there naturally would be people with ulterior motives too!

Very quickly, some beauties had already clung onto Lu Jingli asking, "Second Master, didn't you say your brother would be coming tonight too? Why don't we see him?"

"Is it true? Is the CEO really coming? But, I heard CEO Lu has been really busy recently!"




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