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(Bring The Kid Along To Play)

"Second Master, how are you back so soon? I thought you were going to be travelling for three months!" Ning Xi raised her brows and asked.

Lu Jingli held his chin, then scoffed, "Of course, I was worried about you guys, so I came back from miles away. At last, you guys inhumanely take turns to torture me the moment I return!"

Ning Xi could not help but laugh, still not believing him.

When Lu Jingli saw that she did not believe him, he could not handle it anymore and the messy hair on his head lightly swished before he said, "Fine, it's too boring on the island. To stay for a few days is paradise but to stay longer will drive me crazy. My wild soul still belongs to the hustle and bustle of cities and our country's hot girls."

Ning Xi was speechless, she had actually expected this...

Very quickly, Lu Jingli was excited again. His eyes shone as he said, "Tonight, my friends want to throw me a welcome home party. Do you and my bro want to join for some fun?"

Ning Xi hugged the little bun and rejected without hesitation, "No, thanks, I still have to take care of the child!"

Lu Jingli swiftly replied, "Just bring the kid along."

Ning Xi shot him a look and finally could not hold it in anymore, "Lu Jingli, are you starting your nonsense again?"

It seemed he had forgotten who had brought Little Treasure to the bar the last time and even lost him!

Lu Jingli shrunk back, then replied weakly, "Xiao Xi Xi, your tone, the way you're scolding're increasingly becoming like my sister-in-law now!"

"You..." She was only this angry because of him!

When he saw that Ning Xi was really incensed, Lu Jingli quickly explained, "This time won't be at the bar, it's only in my own bungalow! In fact, it's all very close friends, so they won't overdo things!"

Ning Xi only softened her expression but she had not yet let go of the argument. "Don't ask me, ask your brother, I'll listen to him."

Lu Jingli was unhappy when he heard this, "Why?! Why do you listen to him and not me?"

Ning Xi, "Obviously, he's my boss!"

Lu Jingli then replied, "I'm your boss too!"

Ning Xi responded, "And he's your boss too!"

Lu Jingli could not retort further. They are torturing me again!

At last, Lu Jingli bitterly turned to Lu Tingxiao who had not been saying anything, saying, "Bro, then you call the shots!"

Lu Tingxiao looked up at Ning Xi, then said, "I've got no opinions, you decide." He obviously meant that he'll listen to his wife!

Lu Jingli could only turn to Ning Xi again.

Ning Xi scratched her head and declared, "Mmm, then let me ask Little Treasure! Little Treasure, want to go play?" Ning Xi indicated that she would listen to the little bun.

The ecosystem in play was unbelievably clear...

Obviously, Little Treasure did not want to go. He wanted to be alone with Aunty Xiao Xi!

But...he met his father's eyes and thought of his big plans for the future, for the days to come...

Little Treasure nodded unwillingly, indicating that he wanted to go play.

He continued to hold back his tears in order to create opportunities for father and Aunty Xiao Xi, silently crying inside...

Seeing the little bun wanted to go, Ning Xi immediately said, "Alright then, we'll go too."

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao nodded, obviously he would go too.

Lu Jingli the bachelor got up weakly and started, "To find someone I can and want to love most deeply, to wave singlehood farewell, a sentimental hopeless romantic and heartless person, come and wound me..."

He sang and left the place that was making him sad!

Before he left, he did not forget to give her and Little Treasure a coconut each, since it was a souvenir...

Ning Xi hugged the coconut and felt her mouth twitch, "Big Boss, then I'll take Little Treasure back to the apartment for a while. I want to change my clothes. Shall we meet later at Second Master's place then?"

Lu Tingxiao, "Okay, see you."

If Lu Tingxiao had known what she was going home to change into...she guessed that he would definitely not continue to obey everything she said...



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