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(You're My Favorite Baby)

"Why do you look like your soul has left you? Too many hot girls on the island?" As Ning Xi said this, in order to not be a bad influence to the little bun, she covered the little bun's ears.

When he saw Ning Xi arrive, Lu Jingli immediately got up and stared at the little bun. He looked angry as he complained, "You have the nerve to ask me? You should go ask your child, ask him how he tortured me earlier?"

A certain bun blinked, his huge naive eyes looking innocent.

Ning Xi looked at Lu Jingli, then looked at the little bun, obviously believing the bun instead. "Stop saying nonsense! What's this got to do with my baby?"

Lu Jingli was exasperated, looking at how a certain devil child seemed to be acting innocent like a little angel. "Hey, you punk, stop pretending! Why are you still pretending?! I'll expose your true colors!"

Lu Jingli cunningly took out the writing board that Little Treasure had casually thrown to the floor and stuffed it into Ning Xi's hands. "Look for yourself! See! If you still don't believe me after reading this, go ask my brother. For the entire afternoon, my brother and I were about go nuts from being tortured by him!"

Ning Xi looked at Lu Tingxiao who sat in front of the desk, and he did seem quite tired. Then, she suspiciously raised the writing board to see what was on it..

When the little bun saw Ning Xi holding his writing board, he was so anxious that he was about to cry. Sadly, he could not stop her in time, and Ning Xi could already see what was scrawled on the board after casually flipping it...

[Does Aunty Xiao Xi not want me anymore?]

[Then, why hasn't she picked me up yet?]

[When will Aunty Xiao Xi finish being busy?]

[I don't want to! I'd disturb Aunty Xiao Xi! Does Aunty Xiao Xi really like me?]

[Will Aunty Xiao Xi suddenly stop liking me?]

[Aunty Xiao Xi hasn't come to pick me up yet, could it be that she's taken a liking of other kids instead?]

[Will Aunty Xiao Xi like me forever?]

[Am I Aunty Xiao Xi's favorite baby?]


Ning Xi was speechless. "Uhh..."

She never thought that she would be seeing the little bun's emotions being expressed as such. Ning Xi was completely dumbfounded too. She held Little Treasure's writing board and stood there unmoving, stunned.

After all, the little bun only used to write words that were simple and straight to the point. To be honest, it was her first time seeing the little bun writing so many words that they, in fact, filled the entire board. Everything was "Aunty Xiao Xi", everything was about her...

As she imagined the way Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli had been asked to the point of breaking down, Ning Xi started to find it hilarious. Yet, even more so, she felt waves in the depths of her heart, warming her entire soul and she felt indescribably moved.

Ning Xi squatted down and hugged Little Treasure tightly. "Oh, little bun...my little bun, how are you so cute? Aunty Xiao Xi loves you so much! Aunty Xiao Xi definitely won't suddenly stop liking you, Aunty Xiao Xi definitely won't like other kids, Aunty Xiao Xi will like you forever. You are Aunty Xiao Xi's favorite baby! Aunty Xiao Xi definitely won't not want you!"

Little Treasure, who initially felt sad and hopeless, was suddenly overjoyed as if he had invisible little wings behind him dancing energetically!

Lu Tingxiao was speechless. His son got to hear the sweet sound of words he could only wish for once more, and he even received so many in a row!!!

Lu Jingli, who had failed to rat on the little bun, was sad, even the flare of the hula skirt on his waist had lost its life. "What cruel words! You guys have no humanity!!!"

Never mind if the big one wanted to torture him, now even the little one was torturing him too!

His only consolation was that...fine, this time the big one was tortured too.



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