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(Extremely Cute)

When the masked woman walked out of the lift, the unpredictable Little Master who was akin to Hades earlier with an indifferent expression, suddenly looked like spring with pink flowers blossoming one after another. He opened up his short arms and looked up cutely, asking for a hug...

When they saw the scary little Hades suddenly turn into a cute button, almost all the employees were stunned speechless.

Ning Xi walked out of the lift and was ready to walk forward. Unexpectedly, she looked down to find an extremely cute little bun waiting for her. Naturally, she could not resist and immediately bent down to pick the little bun up. Through the layer of her mask, she kissed the little bun on the cheek. "Baby, have you been waiting for me here?"

The little bun put his hands around Aunty Xiao Xi's neck and inhaled the calming fragrance on her while he blushed. He pursed his lips and nodded obediently and adorably.

All the employees present continued to be look in stunned silence...

The situation had taken such a sudden twist of events that they could not catch up...

Ning Xi squeezed the little bun and said, "Is your father still busy? Let's go see him."

She had already arrived and she couldn't just take the little bun and leave, feeling like she should still greet his father.

Even though the little bun wished Aunty Xiao Xi would immediately take him elsewhere and never return, he naturally would not reject her wishes and continued to obediently nod.

Whatever Aunty Xiao Xi says is right!

Ning Xi smiled as she patted the little bun's head and started walking towards the CEO's office.

On the way, she noticed that around her were many people staring and she was thankful that she had decided to put on a mask earlier...

As soon as the two went in, the people behind them immediately burst into gossip...

"Ah! My God! The Little too cute!"

"I thought that the Little Master would be as cool as CEO Lu! Who knew that he could be this adorable! The way he smiled and opened up his arms for a hug earlier, my heart melted!"

"If I had a son this adorable, even if he wanted stars from the sky, I'd pluck it for him!"

"Please, you think too much! Get a mirror for your coarse face, would you ever have such good genes for your family?"

"Damn it, I'm curious, who's that masked woman? Is she the same one who came to the company the last time?"

"From her body and hairstyle, it should be the same one. As for who she is, we don't know!"

"Haih, so sad, it looks like she's the official lady boss. She even settled the Little Master! How incredible!"

At this moment, a girl in the corner, who looked much younger than the rest, weakly raised her hand, "Uhh...I suddenly have a rash thought. This woman can't be Little Master's biological mother, can it? Otherwise, why would the Little Master be so clingy to her? It doesn't seem logical."

The girl's guess obviously opened up a can of worms as everyone suddenly started an intense discussion...


On the other side of the door, as Ning Xi carried the little bun into the office, she was dumbfounded.

She saw Lu Jingli in a Hawaiian getup on the sofa, and her shock was similar to Lu Jingli's when he saw his brother wearing red.

"My God!!! Second Master! You're back! When did you return? My gosh! Your eyes are about to turn blind! Even if you know you're handsome, you can't challenge the limits of aesthetics like this. Also...why do you look like your soul has left you? Too many hot girls on the island?"



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