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(Little Master Became Little Hades)

When they saw Little Treasure standing at the lift entrance anxiously, a beautiful female employee immediately walked up to him and asked gently, "Little Master, do you want to go up or down? I'll help you press the button!"

Little Treasure frowned and thought, Aunty Xiao Xi is already downstairs, she's probably waiting for the lift too. If he took the lift now, he might get separated from Aunty Xiao Xi.

Mmm, even though he was really anxious, it was better for him to wait here!

Thus, the little guy did not say anything and quietly waited at the lift.

His thoughts were with Aunty Xiao Xi and he did not notice the employee beside him at all, much less hear what she said.

The pretty female employee was a little embarrassed when she saw that the Little Master was ignoring her. Even though she was unwilling, she did not dare anger the Little Master, so she could only back off and dared not disturb him further.

Several female employees opposite saw this and tittered, "How hilarious! She wanted to brown nose the Boss to the point of disturbing the Little Master!"

"She thinks that she's all that just because she's a little pretty. CEO Lu has never looked at her twice, so she actually thought of going for the Little Master! Little did she know that it's even harder to be on the Little Master's good side than it is to be on CEO Lu's."

"Yeah, before this, I heard that many socialites tried to go through the Little Master in their bid for the title of Imperial's First Lady but at last, all of them returned dejected! Not only that, they were immediately issued a warning from the Lu family!"

"Mmm, speaking of which, I wonder how the relationship between the legendary future lady boss and the Little Master is?"

"I think that just because you're good with men doesn't mean you would be immediately liked by kids!"

"You're right, kids are usually very unaccepting about the existence of stepmothers, I think there's still a possibility this might not be the future lady boss after all!"


The little bun stood unmoving and poker-faced at the lift entrance, not going up or down.

Earlier Mary had already been embarrassed by him, so no one dared to go up to ask the little bun anything. They could only peep at him, their curiosity growing by the second..

"What's the Little Master doing? He's stood there for practically an hour now!"

"I don't know, I can't make sense of this at all!"

"Pfft, it's common knowledge that our CEO Lu is unpredictable. Who knew that the Little Master also inherited this trait from his father. He's totally unpredictable too!"


At this moment, the elevator chimed and the elevator doors opened. The little bun's poker face suddenly glowed.

A person walked out of the elevator.

Upon seeing who walked out, he immediately turned gloomy.

"Uhh...Little Master? Do...do you need anything?" The male employee who had walked out of the elevator was afraid of the Little Master's sharp look. What had he done to offend this honorable little god now?

The little bun pouted without a word. His little face looked really unhappy and his cold aura was an exact replica of his father's.

The male employer remained worried. Seeing the Little Master not saying anything. he felt caught in between to leave or not to, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead...

The time passed in minutes and seconds. As the Little Master looked increasingly sorrowful, everyone looked at each other worriedly, afraid that the Little Master's bad mood would reflect on them as bad luck.

Just at the atmosphere was increasingly nerve-wracking, the elevator chimed and the lift door opened again.

Only a long-haired woman in a yellow blouse and a mask on her face walked out...



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