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(Who's The Little Master Waiting For?)

At that very moment, Ning Xi, who was purchasing items with Gong Shangze, suddenly sneezed several times in a row.

Mmm, who could be missing her?

Even though everything today had gone smoothly, by the time they were finished, it was already evening.

Gong Shangze took over the bags from Ning Xi and said, "Boss, you should go home to rest, I'll handle the rest myself!"

Ning Xi looked at the time on her phone and was worried that the little bun would be anxiously waiting too, so she nodded, "If there's anything, make sure to call me. Don't suffer by yourself."

"Mmm, understood!"

"Okay, I'll leave then, be careful on the road!" Ning Xi waved and reminded worriedly, "Oh right, remember to lock your doors at night and check the windows properly too!"

Gong Shangze laughed, he couldn't help feeling like Ning Xi was taking care of him like he was a girl now...

After she bade goodbye to Gong Shangze, Ning Xi immediately rushed to Lu Corporation to fetch the little bun.

When she thought about how she would be seeing the little bun soon, Ning Xi's mood lightened up significantly, an entire day's fatigue vanishing.

Juxtaposing Ning Xi's good mood, at this moment in the CEO's office, Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were being tortured to the brink of a psychological breakdown...

Lu Jingli lay on the sofa like a dead fish, while the little bun determinedly raised his board to force him to answer the question, "My God! I actually suddenly feel like...Little Treasure not speaking is a pretty good thing..."

He had tortured them without even speaking. Imagine if he could!

Lu Tingxiao frowned and looked tired, yet he could neither hit nor scold him. He could not even say something mean, or else the wife would definitely be the first to go crazy.

It was a good thing Lu Jingli had returned in time today. If he had been alone, he would not have been able to handle it...

Lu Jingli suddenly took out a mirror and said seriously to Little Treasure, "Baby, don't ask me any more questions. I'm giving you this mirror. Just tell it, this is a magic mirror. You can ask it if Aunty Xiao Xi really likes you, don't ask me anymore please!!!"

The little bun looked at the mirror in Lu Jingli's hand and threw it aside mercilessly. Then, he raised his board: [Why hasn't Aunty Xiao Xi picked me up yet?]

Lu Jingli was on the verge of tears, so he covered his ears, no, he covered his eyes and said, "Ah, ah, ah! Baby, go to the windowsill and look again, maybe she's already here!"

Little bun blinked, hesitated, then put down the writing board and ran over to the windowsill to look.

Lu Jingli secretly peeked at the little guy and prepared to take this opportunity to run away.

However, all of a sudden, he saw Little Treasure throw the telescope and writing board aside to race like a little rocket towards the door...

Lu Jingli raised his brows then walked over to the windowsill and looked down. Indeed, a woman's shadow appeared. "My dear sister-in-law, you finally came!"

Outside of the CEO's office, the employees who were busy working saw the CEO's office door suddenly flung open. What came after was the cute Little Master running with his short, stubby legs towards the elevator...

Ah! The Little Master is out!

Many employees who had not yet seen the Little Master at all widened their eyes in surprise. It looked like they were focused on their work when in fact, their attention was gathered on the little glutinous rice ball.



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