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(Sister-In-Law, Come Back Quickly!)

After he was done with the employees, Lu Jingli pushed open his brother's office door and announced, "Brother! I'm back!!!! One day lasts as long as three autumns when we don't see each other. Furthermore, it has been more than three autumns. I have you missed so much that...uhh..."

In the next second, he looked clearly at his brother in front of the desk. Lu Jingli was stunned for a second before he covered his eyes and shrieked in disbelief, "Ah! My goodness! What did I just see?!"

What was his brother wearing? What was that?

He thought that the sapphire blue color from the last time was already a miracle...

Today, he actually saw his brother wearing red! Red, oh, red! He dared to swear that his brother had never worn such a color in this lifetime!

He didn't even need to ask to know where this idea came from!

Just as he was recovering from his shock, he saw Little Treasure who lay on the windowsill in matching outfit in the same color...

He was flabbergasted again!

"My God! I can't, I can't! I've just returned and you've tortured me like this already! Someone, prepare the plane for me, I want to return to my lonely island in the Northern Hemisphere..."

When he finally calmed down, Lu Jingli started to be a busybody.

He walked over and sneakily touched his brother's shirt, "Did my sister-in-law get this? Looks like all this time when I was not around, the two of you have progressed well! Right, right, I heard that baby Little Treasure finally spoke, so I flew back immediately! Is it true that Little Treasure can speak again?"

He didn't even wait for a reply when he finished, he ran over to Little Treasure and fawned, "Baby, quickly call me Second Uncle! Quick, quick, quick! To hear your voice, Second Uncle even ditched all of the hot girls."

Little Treasure looked at Lu Jingli like he was an idiot and started writing some words.

Lu Jingli looked over and only saw on the writing board: [Am I Aunty Xiao Xi's favorite baby?]

"Uhh...?" Lu Jingli was confused by this question because he was already flattering the child, so he answered, "Is this even a question? Of course, you are!"

Baby Little Treasure's eyes shone as he continued to write: [Then, why hasn't Aunty Xiao Xi come to pick me up?]

Lu Tingxiao looked at his brother and son from his desk, then unexpectedly explained to Lu Jingli the current situation out of kindness, "From now on, Little Treasure will be living with Ning Xi, but because Ning Xi has some errands to run today, I'm temporarily looking after him."

Lu Jingli instantly understood and he replied, "Little Treasure, don't be anxious, your Aunty Xiao Xi must be working non-stop so that she can pick you earlier!"

Little bun: [Is work more important, or am I more important?]

Lu Jingli said, "Uhh, of course, you're more important!"

Little bun: [Then, why hasn't Aunty Xiao Xi come to pick me up?]

Lu Jingli was speechless. Something was not right, why did he return to the first question again?


When he saw Little Treasure latching onto Lu Jingli, Lu Tingxiao silently breathed a sigh of relief. He could finally work peacefully.

After a while, Lu Jingli who was being pestered by Little Treasure holding up his writing board screamed pitifully, "Haih! Little Treasure, have mercy on me! Don't ask any more questions!!!!"

Have mercy on Lu Jingli who was good at coaxing but could barely handle Little Treasure's psychological attacks.

Lu Jingli looked at his brother who was working calmly and realized that it was no wonder he had been kind enough to explain the situation to him. So he had been waiting for him to all along.

Pfft! Why did he have to trick him as soon as he had just returned?!

Finally, Lu Jingli who had initially entered in high spirits, dressed in his floral blouse and hula skirt, lay exhausted on the sofa. He extended his hand and said lifelessly, "Sister-in-law...come back quickly..."



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