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(Little Master Is So Handsome, So Cute)

Ning Xi returned to her senses and realized that it was already quite late, "Ah, Lu Tingxiao, you’re almost late for work, aren’t you?"

"It’s still pretty early, aren’t you going to find a place for Gong Shangze? These are a few places I’ve looked at. Here they are for your reference." Lu Tingxiao gave her a file folder.

"That’s really quick!" Ning Xi was amazed by the devil’s efficiency.

"This doesn’t take much time." She was always at the top of his priorities; of course, he would be quick.

"Thank you so much!" Ning Xi felt at ease when she saw the file containing the analysis and comparisons of different areas.

She then took a glance at the little bun and felt a little awkward. "Uh...I’m going out to look for houses today, so what can the little bun do? It’s okay if I am going out for a short while, but I’m going to a lot of places today and it’ll be difficult for him to follow me!"

The little bun felt abandoned after he heard her plans.

"Let me call Butler Yuan over," Lu Tingxiao said.

The little bun stared at his father and held Ning Xi’s hand tightly. No!

Ning Xi hesitated. She would still feel bad even if someone was taking care of the little bun since she had to abandon him.

Lu Tingxiao saw through her worries, then he put his phone down and said, "Alternatively, I’ll bring him to my office, then you can come over and pick him up after you’re done.

"Mmm…" She would be much more comfortable if the little bun followed his father.

Ning Xi then squatted down and told little bun gently, "Little Treasure, I’m really sorry that I’m busy today. Do you want to wait here or would you like to go to the office with your father first?"

He did not want to choose. All he wanted was to stay with Aunty Xiao Xi! He was not afraid of being tired! But...he was afraid of troubling Aunty Xiao Xi...he was afraid that she would be exhausted looking after him…

The little bun struggled for a while, then he looked at his father reluctantly and decided to go to the office with his father.

Then, he could create more chances for Father to be with Aunty Xiao Xi!

He did not want to do this at all but, oh well, he could form an alliance with his father since he would need his father’s help to be with Aunty Xiao Xi in the long run anyway.

Lu Tingxiao was satisfied with his son’s decision, it was as expected of his son!

Ning Xi did not notice the exchange between them and she hugged the little bun tightly. "You’re really sweet today, I’ll pick you up after I’m done!"

After that, they went their separate ways.

At the Lu Corporation office tower.

As Lu Tingxiao held the little bun’s hand and walked out of the car, everyone was surprised.

All the limelight was focused on the little boy Lu Tingxiao had brought.

Just by looking at his face, they instantly knew that this was none other than the legendary Little Master!

It was even more obvious as they wore matching handsome outfits today and they attracted all the spotlight to themselves as if the sun was favoring them and shone directly on their path.

The secretary at the receptionist table was really excited and sent a message to the office group chat. She alerted everyone: [Oh my god...big news! CEO Lu brought Little Master to the office! Little Master is so handsome, so cute!]



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