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(A Hug First)

"That’s right!" the man confirmed.

Tang Ye pinched the space between his eyebrows again and took a deep breath as he tried his best to control his emotions. After a while, he decided to bravely tell the man on the screen in a cold tone, "I’m sorry, I reject this mission."

To his absolute astonishment, the man on the screen was not angry after being rejected. Instead, he put on a friendly front and said, "Oh, okay, I guess I’ll just have to go myself then!"

"Absolutely not!" Tang Ye tried to suppress his vexation and simulated killing someone in his mind a few hundred times before he gave in. "Fine, I’ll go!"

On the deck, the man stood up and brushed the hair swept across his forehead with his fingers, the faintest of his evil grin gleaming in the dark as he said, "Failure will not be tolerated, you know that."

"Screw it!" Tang Ye growled; he would rather take on a real S class mission than this silly job!

"Hahaha…" He seemed accomplished after he had made Tang Ye mad, laughing heartily as he told him with squinted eyes, "If you’re successful, bring her back. If not, send her my message."

Tang Ye was speechless.

Where did his confidence come from, thinking that he even stood a chance?

It was not that he doubted the man's ability to pick up girls, it was his outrageously disastrous emotional quotient level!

Unfortunately for Tang Ye, he knew that the man would not change his mind once he had decided on something and if the orders were not executed, he would really go out on his own, then the consequences could be dire…

After some serious thinking on the balcony, Ning Xi calmed down.

Why was she relating everything to Lu Tingxiao? It was an S rank mission, after all, so it had to be something internal…

She then went back to bed and prepared to go to sleep but her right eye kept on twitching.

Right eye...did that bode disaster?

Just as she thought about it, her left eye started twitching as well!

Left eye...was that a blessing?

Ugh, both eyes were twitching together, so which was which?

The next morning.

Ning Xi woke up earlier to prepare breakfast. She made a simple seafood porridge, heart-shaped sunny side eggs, and some pickled dishes. Her spread looked delicious.

As she was setting the table, she felt a soft bump on her calf - the little bun had woken up.

"You’re up! Go and wash up!" All his personal care items and clothes had been sent over the night before, so she did not have to worry about anything.

The little bun shook his head and spread his arms wide, signaling that he wanted a hug first.

Of course, Ning Xi would not reject him and fulfilled his request with a loving smile.

As they played around, footsteps interrupted them. Lu Tingxiao was awake.

It was not the first time she saw the bedhead version of Lu Tingxiao who had just woken up but today...he seemed a little different…

There was a wild look in his eyes…

Lu Tingxiao used to look at her with a gentle gaze, somewhat like a herbivore, but now it seemed like his facade was peeled away as though the seal on the devil was slowly being removed.

Ning Xi felt guilty about what she had almost done last night, so she averted her gaze away from him and coughed lightly, "Boss, you’re awake! Wash up and breakfast will soon be ready!"

Lu Tingxiao calmed himself down and returned to his usual self. "Mmm."



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