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(What Is Carrot Yun Trying To Do?)

Ning Xi immediately escaped to the balcony after coming out of the room.

She felt a little more awake after getting herself some air.

Oh my God, lust sure fazes people!

She was trying to take advantage of the devil while he was sleeping just now!

How crazy was that?!

Thank goodness she came to her senses at the final moment and stopped her questionable behavior.

Having such a tempting, delicious cabbage right beside her and not being able to do anything about it was terribly dangerous, how torturous…

As Ning Xi repented for her actions on the balcony, the phone in her pocket rang.

There was a new text message from Annie.

Ning Xi was all freshened up now and she tapped to open the message.

[Annie: Bro Xi, are you still there?]

Ning Xi replied instantly: [Yes, what’s up?]

[Annie: Yeah, Boss’ mood recently is very, very, very bad!]

Ning Xi’s brows closed in as she typed: [What happened?] How bad was it for Annie to use "very" three times?

[Annie: I think Boss must have argued with you, Bro Xi!]

Ning Xi thought she would be able to get more important information than such a vague answer, so she was somewhat disappointed after she saw the message. She responded: [You think too much, I’ve not even been in contact with him recently, how could I possibly have argued with him?]

Ning Xi felt that something was amiss after she sent the message…

Ah, it seemed that a while ago she had argued with that guy.

Because of what had happened in Philadelphia, she was irate and she sent him a message scolding him as a bastard.

Could his bad mood be because of that?

The more Ning Xi thought about it, the more she felt it was possible…

[Annie: Bro Xi, you don’t have to hide from me, I know about it already. You’re angry because of what happened in Philadelphia, aren't you? Boss wasn’t trying to hurt you, he was angry after he found out about it as well. What happened wasn't under the Boss’s orders, it was someone else’s! Boss was furious and has already made them pay the price.]

Ning Xi was surprised and had a moment of realization when she saw the message…

No wonder she had felt that something was odd about the incident and it did not seem like his way of doing things. She was simply too angry at that moment and did not think much about it. Moreover, that guy’s personality was so unpredictable, even more so than a woman. Who knew if he might have changed his ways? Anything was possible and he was not the sort who could be easily predicted with just common sense.

But the point was that after that incident, she realized something that had never occurred to her before.

It was likely that the whole issue was not just about her, but both that man and Lu Tingxiao seemed to be related in other ways. Every time he mentioned Lu Tingxiao, he would behave oddly…

As though he bore an immense amount of hatred towards Lu Tingxiao.

This thought worried her, which was why she took the risk to return to St. Bernard City and looked for Third Senior Sister's help.

[Alright, got it. Anything else?] Ning Xi replied.

[Annie: Another thing is, Bro Xi, you asked me to be your...spy, didn't you? I’ve been looking out for you and recently, someone was looking for trouble with Boss, so he's been out at sea, nothing much. But I’ve just gotten ahold of a piece of information and it’s kind of worrying.]

Ning Xi was nervous: [What is it?]

[Annie: I just saw that Boss gave Bro Ye a new mission.]

[Ning Xi: What class?]

[Annie: S class.]

Ning Xi’s face turned pale when she saw the words "S class" on the screen.

Annie would not be worried enough to urgently inform her if the mission was of any other class.

Damn it! What mission did that guy issue? It's an S class and he even let Tang Ye do it personally!

Could it be related to Lu Tingxiao?



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