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(Unable To Control Himself)

The man on the bed opened his eyes, his eyes were clear without any intention of sleeping…

He was just taking a little nap on the bed earlier.

When Ning Xi knocked on the door, he really did not hear it, but when Ning Xi came in, he was already awake although, for some reason, he decided not to open his eyes.

Ning Xi then carefully took off his coat, adjusted his pillow and covered him with the blanket.

Although he knew she was just caring for him as her boss and supervisor, he felt warm and fuzzy under her care, his exhaustion all gone in an instant.

At the moment that the girl was ready to leave, he felt a bit odd that the sound of her footsteps vanished.

She was not walking or moving and he could feel the girl’s gaze on him…

She...what was she doing? What was she looking at?

Too bad he could not open his eyes now, so he just acted like he was unconscious and lay on the bed, focusing on every little sound he heard.

The girl stood by the bedside and stayed silent for some time. He felt nervous just being stared at, and shortly afterwards, he heard a tiny sound of fabric rustling against each other.

Was Ning Xi...getting closer to him?

As he was having his doubts, he suddenly felt something light fall on his shoulders, then he smelt the girl’s familiar scent.

He finally realized that it was her hair that had fallen onto his shoulders and that she was unbelievably close right now…

Lu Tingxiao’s heart almost stopped, his blood flow was practically at the point of flowing in reverse and a lightning-fast reaction occurred in his central nervous system, as his stomach felt a flood of warmth.

What...was she doing?

Lu Tingxiao lay as still as he could and tried to hold his breath.

The girl was getting closer…

Even closer…

The next second when he thought he was going to taste the sweetness he had been longing for, the girl’s scent disappeared and he heard her quick footsteps leaving the room.

Lu Tingxiao opened his eyes and almost thought that it was just a dream.

But, no, it was not a dream, it had actually happened.

Ning Xi was acting weird earlier, he could not understand her behavior…

He shut his eyes the whole time and was not sure what exactly happened, but from his intuition, he deduced that she wanted to kiss him, but changed her mind at the last moment?

Was he just overthinking?

It could have just been something in his hair which she closed in to help him remove?

"Hah…" Lu Tingxiao put his hand on his forehead as he looked at the huge reaction happening at his lower region of his body, and he let out a bitter laugh and felt as if he was going crazy.


Why would she have wanted to kiss him?

Only he would do these sort of things.

Because of his imagination and a non-existent kiss, his body was reacting like a teenager…

Lu Tingxiao stood up and went into the bathroom.

The cold water did not help to cool him down, the fire inside him burning stronger than ever…

"Xiao Xi…" Finally, the man could not hold it in anymore, his hands reaching down and he proceeded to relieve himself.

He imagined what would follow if the girl actually kissed him just now, and he released them all…



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