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(Could Not Help But Get Closer)

After she had settled the big bun down, Ning Xi started to put the little bun to sleep.

The little bun wanted to listen to Ning Xi sing.

In the end, even after Ning Xi had sung a few songs that the little bun liked, he stared at her without any intention of sleeping.

"Aren’t you sleepy? You want me to tell you a story?" Ning Xi asked.

Little bun shook his head.

Ning Xi touched her chin, "You still want me to sing?"

Little bun nodded.

"You don’t like what I sang just now?" Ning Xi asked again.

Little bun nodded.

Ning Xi understood, "Then...I’ll change to another song?"

The little bun continued nodding, he was looking forward to it but at the same time, afraid of being disappointed.

Ning Xi thought about it, then started singing, "Sleep, sleep, my dear baby, mother’s hands will caress you lightly…"

After changing to this song, the little bun was happy as he tucked himself into Ning Xi's arms and closed his eyes.

Ning Xi caressed the little bun’s head, realizing that he wanted to listen to this song…

When she sang it to him before, he was unconscious but he had actually still been listening, so he wanted to listen to it now. However, he was in a daze at that time and had no idea which song she sang, so when Ning Xi sang it again, he was satisfied.

Lulled by Ning Xi’s gentle voice, the little bun was soon fast asleep.

Ning Xi was still worried and only became at ease after she touched the little bun’s forehead to confirm that his temperature was normal.

She kissed the little bun’s forehead and left the bed quietly. She then proceeded to check on the big bun as well.

She knocked but there was no reaction. Could he be asleep? This was not like Lu Tingxiao’s lifestyle at all.

Ning Xi opened the door in doubt, then she saw Lu Tingxiao asleep with the bedside light and his laptop on the table turned on.

Ning Xi noticed the man’s eye bags and frowned.

Lu Tingxiao had mentioned that he was not busy with work before but it was a straight up lie. Lu Jingli had been away for vacation for such a long time that Lu Tingxiao’s workload must have been doubled, yet...he still went to the airport to pick her up last night, then Little Treasure got that terrible fever. She was able to get some sleep with Little Treasure but he must not have slept for a whole day…

Ning Xi walked over with light footsteps and propped Lu Tingxiao up. She adjusted the pillow and took off his coat before gently letting him lie down on the bed again.

After covering Lu Tingxiao with the blanket, she turned off the light and laptop and was prepared to leave.

But as she got up, she froze. From the pale moonlight, she watched the man’s perfect face blessed by God, his face was still as cool as ever even when he was asleep…

It was such a perfect face, yet he used this face of his to keep people out. For some reason, his face attracted Ning Xi’s gaze like a vortex, she was not able to look away and she could not help herself but want to get closer…

When she was deep in her thoughts, Ning Xi found herself involuntarily sitting on the bed already. When she regained her senses, her long hair was already spread across his shoulders and she was only a few inches away from his face…

Ning Xi woke up from her fantasies when she almost kissed him, and as if a beast was chasing her, she quickly escaped from the room.

What Ning Xi did not know was that as she was leaving, the man on the bed had opened his eyes and looked at her…



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