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(Little Treasure's Mother, My Wife)

"You...you..." Lu Chongshan was outraged when he heard this. "Why did you bring that girl's birth dates over for? Unless you want to let her into our family?

Yan Ruyi's shoulders shrunk and she said, "No way! I...I was just worried whether this girl would jinx our Tingxiao and Little Treasure, so I wanted to let the Master evaluate."

Lu Chongshan still felt doubtful and after cooling down, he shot her a look and asked, "What were the results then?"

Yan Ruyi looked slightly emotional as she recalled, "We chose so many girls from good families for such a long time and no one stood out. Only Ning Xi, as Master Xuan Jing said, had a birth chart which showed good luck, a happy family, prosperity, and lots of children!"

Although Lu Chongshan was mentally prepared, he was still shocked to hear the results. "How could this be? Did Master Xuan Jing really say this himself?"

"Why would I lie to you for? This were Master Xuan Jing exact words, not a single word missing! Master Xuan Jing even said that this girl's birth chart is very compatible with our Tingxiao's! Initially, I did not believe too much in it either, and I was afraid you'd scold me, so I didn't tell you. Until today when Little Treasure fell sick, I recalled his words again. All of us have used up every way possible, and nothing worked. Yet, the moment this girl came, our Little Treasure's illness immediately improved so much. Even if it was as simple as Little Treasure really liking this girl, the influence on his illness would not be this huge, would it?" Yan Ruyi deciphered bit by bit.

Lu Chongshan listened to this with a serious expression and walked back and forth in the living room. Finally, he decided and said, "The birth chart is only a proxy, how can you believe it to be entirely true? Don't mention this ever again. Besides, whether Little Treasure has recovered fully is still unknown, what if he later..."

"Hey! Can you not curse your grandson like that?" Yan Ruyi instantly scolded her husband and looked dissatisfied.

"I was just worried about Little Treasure..." Lu Chongshan noticed that he had said the wrong thing too and was embarrassed.

Lu Chongshan deliberated as he thought about Yan Ruyi's words earlier. He looked conflicted, and he finally stared at his wife seriously and shouted, "Things like birth charts are baseless. However, someone's true character can be observed from all sorts of aspects. Don't forget why Little Treasure became like this two years ago. It was because we gullibly believed someone like that..."

Actually, Yan Ruyi knew as well that even if Lu Chongshan found out what Master Xuan Jing had said the other day, his attitude would not change much. When she heard this, she looked pale and nodded, "I was just saying, obviously I will still be careful..."

Inside Little Treasure's room.

After Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi had left, sleepiness immediately came over Ning Xi. She was worried about the little bun, so she still dared not fall asleep.

Lu Tingxiao sat on the bedside and helped her arrange the blankets. "Sleep, I'm here. If anything, I'll call for you."

Then, he lightly kissed the girl's forehead.

Ning Xi's eyes immediately widened. Lu Tingxiao's move was so shocking that now her sleepiness had reduced by half. Did he genuinely want to let me sleep?

Looking at the girl's widened eyes, something flashed across Lu Tingxiao's deep gaze. "Apologies."

Even though he said he was sorry, what he did was an entirely different story. He leaned over and planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth for a long time, then only did he finally leave...

By this time, Ning Xi was already completely wide awake and shocked.

Was he taking this opportunity because she was hugging Little Treasure and dared not move?

"Ning Xi, one day you will become Little Treasure's mother." My wife.



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