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(This Girl Can Bless Our Little Treasure)

"Oh..." Ning Xi hugged the little bun on her lap and nestled into the soft pillow. She was indeed feeling much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, the scorching gazes surrounding her were a little overwhelming...

Lu Tingxiao sternly waved his hand and everyone immediately regained their senses from their shock and walked out nervously. They could only guess in their heart, "Who was this woman that the Big Master had brought back?"

Not only did she manage to coax the Little Master as soon as she arrived, but she even had the Big Master, who seemed to be void of human emotions, to be so gentle with her!

"Could it be...could it be that this woman is our Little Master's biological mother?" one of the maids said with a look of realization dawning on her face.

"That's not possible. Didn't they say that the Little Master's biological mother had long passed away? Otherwise, which woman would be so cruel as to abandon their own child?!"

"In fact, our Big Master is such an excellent man!"

"Perhaps there is something that cannot be revealed."

"You lot, are you done with living? How dare you discuss such things? If the Master and Madam Lu find out, be prepared to get chased out!" one of the maids with a higher status scolded them and immediately, everyone shut up.

In the Lu family, the topic about the Little Master's mother was an unspeakable taboo.

Ning Xi's journey plus tonight's shock by the little bun had made her quite tired.

However, in the room were still Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi, the two old ones. With them standing around her lying on the bed, she felt awkward, what more sleeping in front of them...

"Father, Mother, you both go get some rest. I will be here to keep watch," Lu Tingxiao said to the both of them.

Lu Chongshan looked like he was in a dilemma as he watched his beloved grandson sleeping soundly in Ning Xi's embrace.

He frowned and was about to say something when Yan Ruyi nudged him, "Then, we'll leave now. If there's anything with Little Treasure, you must let us know immediately."


In the living room, Lu Chongshan, who had been dragged out by his wife, looked unhappy. "Why did you drag me out for?"

Yan Ruyi looked hesitant. "Chongshan, don't you feel like that girl is very special?"

"What's so special about her? It's just that she could coax him! Otherwise, would Little Treasure and Tingxiao be so charmed by her?" What Lu Chongshan was angriest about right now was how he had to watch his own son and grandson be completely under that woman's control and he could not do anything.

"Little Treasure was suffering so much earlier but once she came, he became better. Is this really just a matter of coaxing? Yan Ruyi expressed her disagreement.

Lu Chongshan knew that he was prejudiced but there was no way he would admit this, so he argued, "Then, can you tell why was it so?"

Yan Ruyi started to say, "Maybe...this girl has a good birth chart with prosperous good luck and can bless our Little Treasure!"

When Lu Chongshan heard this, he said bitterly, "What nonsense are you spewing now?"

"How am I spewing nonsense? This was what Master Xuan Jing said himself!" Yan Ruyi blurted out in emotionally.

"What did you say? Why would Master Xuan Jing say something like this?" Lu Chongshan immediately questioned seriously.

Yan Ruyi evaded her gaze as she answered helplessly, "To tell you the truth, the other day when I asked Master Xuan Jing to evaluate the birth dates, I brought along the birth date of this girl too..."



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