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(Still Could Not Leave Ning Xi)

Ning Xi was not a doctor, so there was no way she knew how to cure illnesses and she could only use the best of her abilities to console the little bun.

Apart from that, there was a strand of telepathy between them that even she could not really understand.

When the little bun made a slight movement, cough, frown or even had a difference in breathing frequency, she would naturally know where he was uncomfortable. She would change her position or let Lu Tingxiao cover the little bun with a blanket, or mumble something into the little bun's ear to indicate that she was still here.

Before Ning Xi had arrived, the little bun lay on the bed while his entire body was in an unstable state. No matter how many people took care of him and fussed about him, he still could not calm down. Now that he was in Ning Xi embrace, his little head leaned on her shoulder and he looked so calm and comfortable. He even entered into a sweet slumber...

The doctors who were watching on the sidelines looked at one another and all breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they all kept utter silent, afraid to make a single sound, worried that they would wake the little guy up again.

If anything had really happened to the Little Master tonight, the entire house would be slaughtered!

The most serious part of Little Treasure's current situation was not the fever, but his emotions that continued to be high-strung when his body was at its weakest state and needed rest. If he could not fall asleep, it would be hard for him to recover, no matter what illness it was.

However, Ning Xi's presence had clearly resolved the most vital problem.

Ning Xi had been carrying and coaxing the little bun for a while now, and Lu Tingxiao observed that she had moved her arms slightly uncomfortably.

Of course, how could her arm not be tired?

Lu Tingxiao made Little Treasure's bed and indicated for Ning Xi to put him down to sleep.

Ning Xi looked at the little bun in her embrace and saw that the little guy's breathing had stabilized and he had completely fallen asleep. She then walked slowly to the bedside, bent over, and carefully put the little bun onto the bed...

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi eventually calmed down when they saw that. However, just as Ning Xi placed the little bun onto the bed, the little guy's peaceful face immediately scrunched up and his body started to shiver again.

As they watched Little Treasure having a fit again, the two old ones were frightened. Before they could even calm down, another attack came up!

Ning Xi was obviously the first to notice, so she immediately hugged the little bun again and started to pat and sing to him again. Even though she was pretty much helpless, there were no signs of impatience from her.

Even though Lu Tingxiao was worried about his son, he was obviously distressed for his wife as well, so he walked over and had Ning Xi sit down on the bed.

"What is it?" Ning Xi hugged the little bun and looked suspiciously. In the next second, she widened her eyes in shock.

Lu Tingxiao squatted down and started to personally take her shoes off for her.

Of course, even more shocked than Ning Xi was everyone else who stood quietly in the room, as well the devil's parents...

Only Qin Mufeng rubbed his nose, and even though it was an unexpected sight, he was already used to it.

After Lu Tingxiao had helped Ning Xi take off her shoes, he lightly put her legs onto the bed and stacked two soft pillows behind her to let her lean on the bed frame. He then adjusted her into a comfortable position, before covering her with a blanket. He looked serious when he said with a stern tone that would not tolerate rejection, "You get some sleep for a while too. You rushed over immediately after getting off the flight and you haven't even rested yet."

"Oh..." Ning Xi hugged the little bun on her lap and nestled into the soft pillow. She was indeed feeling much more comfortable.

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