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(Mommy Loves You, Mommy Likes You)

Lu Chongshan was so angry to a breaking point when he saw this girl who was so daring as to not listen to his warnings, even using her filthy hands to touch Little Treasure as she wished. He was about to roar at her but he did not know why he suddenly shut up...

Even though the little bun had long been in a state of confusion due to the fever, once Ning Xi held him in her embrace, it was as if he knew who was hugging him in his subconscience. He immediately used his warm little hands to hold on tightly to the hem of Ning Xi's clothes and his feverish little face was buried into Ning Xi's embrace.

Ning Xi was only pretending to be calm but because of Little Treasure's subconscious little action of pulling himself closer to her, her facade faded for a moment. Because there were still too many other people present, she could only force herself to hold it in and her eyes became slightly glazed over with stubborn tears...

At this moment, Ning Xi had already completely stopped caring about the gaze of everyone around her. She didn't care about the doctors, or Father Lu and Mother Lu who were looking on angrily. Her eyes and heart were only reserved for the weak and suffering little bun in her embrace.

Ning Xi hugged the little bun even tighter, then bent over to kiss the little bun's forehead and tiny face before she said with a very gentle tone, "Baby, Aunty is here, don't worry..."

It was as if that voice of hers held a special power to calm a person down because not only Little Treasure, but everyone else present felt like their frustration and chaos subside at the sound of it.

Lu Chongshan still stood there unmoving and he forgot about his anger momentarily...

The little bun was curled up in Ning Xi's embrace, while his little body continued to shiver slightly. However, the expression on his face was clearly different from the one earlier when he was akin to being tortured in a nightmare. Right now, he seemed assured and contented...

Ning Xi adjusted her posture, stood up and let the little bun's head rest on her shoulders.

Lu Tingxiao helped Ning Xi adjust the little bun into a comfortable position, then picked up the blanket on the bed to cover his son.

After that, Ning Xi started to walk around the room and as she walked, she started to sing gently, "Sleep, sleep, my dearest baby, mummy's hands will gently shake you...

Sleep, sleep, my dearest baby, mummy's arms, will protect you forever...

Sleep, sleep, my dearest baby, mummy loves you, mummy likes you..."


This woman! She actually had to nerves to call herself Little Treasure's mother, how shameless! Lu Chongshan should have been angry but he did not know why as he watched the woman carry Little Treasure and walk around and singing a lullaby, the raging fire in him did not lash out. Instead, he felt like he did not want to ruin the moment and disturb them.

All the doctors and servants on the sidelines, especially the female ones, started to have tears well up in their eyes as they watched the little bun's head rest on the girl's shoulder, his face filled with assurance and love.

Sigh, the Little Master is so pitiful, having to live without a mother's love since such a young age. Actually, at a time like this, a mother's hug, kiss, and gentle lullaby should work even better than any miracle medications!

They even thought that if this woman was really the Little Master's mother, it would be perfect!

Yan Ruyi had the oddest look on her face.

As she watched her dear grandson who lay on Ning Xi's shoulder while he slowly calmed down and even his body stopped the spasming, she suddenly recalled Master Xuan Jing's words from the other day...

"Beyond good luck...beyond good luck..."

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