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(Call Ning Xi Over To Try)

"Have you tried the medication?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Qin Mufeng, who was trying to reduce Little Treasure's temperature with alcohol, wiped the sweat from his forehead and straightened up. He looked serious as he said, "I have, it's the same as before, it's helpful immediately, but very soon, the temperature went up again. Little Treasure's body is too weak and he is not used to the frequent use of such strong medicine. Sedatives are out of the question as well, or else it would be of further harm to him than the illness!"

Yan Ruyi cried as she watched the body of her dearest grandson twitch helplessly, "Well, we can't watch Little Treasure continue like this! All you doctors, aren't you all of top-notch quality? Why can't you treat a fever like this?"

Qin Mufeng said, his head aching, "There are many things that even the medical field can't explain. We've already done many checks on Little Treasure before this and his body showed no other changes. Without any changes, the doctors have no reference point to deal with!"

"Little Treasure is already so ill, how could you say there was no change? Clearly, it's your medical skills that are not up to par!" Yan Ruyi said exasperatedly, refusing to listen to any further explanations.

Lu Chongshan held his wife's shoulders and said, "Ruyi, calm down!"

"Little Treasure is already so ill, how can I be calm? You should have listened to me and invited people over to chase the demons away! These doctors aren't useful at all! Little Treasure looks like he's been possessed by the devil, the more I look at it. Either that or he's lost his soul!" Yan Ruyi said emotionally.

Lu Chongshan's expression changed when he heard this, and he scolded her, "What devil possession and losing his soul? Why nonsense are you spewing?! Little Treasure is on holiday today, he did not go to school or even go out. He has just been at home, what devils could he have possibly met?"

Yan Ruyi still would not give up. "Then, explain to me, what's the reason? I would much rather believe it to be the truth!"

Lu Chongshan's face hardened and he could not help but remind her, "The last time Little Treasure had an outbreak, I listened to you and invited some medium to call his soul back, and in the end? In the end, it turned out worse than Little Treasure's illness and you almost...how could you still think about all those nonsense, do you want to kill Little Treasure?"

"Then...then, let's go invite Master Xuan Jing!"

"Do you think Master Xuan Jing is some wizard? You can try to invite him if you want. He never intervenes in things like this and you know that!"

"Then...then you tell me what to do?!"


While the two old ones fought, Qin Mufeng pulled Lu Tingxiao to a corner and said in a lowered voice, "Actually, I still think the main cause is psychological. I'll tell you secretly, the reason Little Treasure is like this is not unfounded. They were just afraid you'd be angry, so they did not dare tell you.

"Weren't your parents busy looking to set you up with a partner for a while now? Well, today Madam Zhuang came to visit your house and brought their daughter, Zhuang Ke Er along. I'm guessing Little Treasure accidentally bumped into them and he felt provoked..."

Lu Tingxiao's veins on his neck bulged out in vexation. Those two were his closest family members and yet, this incident was technically caused by them. Now, the two old ones were so frightened that they could get sick anytime too. He could not say a single word of unkindness.

"Little Treasure is important. Just call Ning Xi over to try and help!" Qin Mufeng expressed his final opinion.

Lu Tingxiao frowned and sounded slightly frustrated, "I'm afraid that if she comes over, there would be two sick people instead of just one!!!"

Just from hearing about this, she could barely handle it. If she really saw Little Treasure in this state, how sad would she be?



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