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(Even More Serious Than He Thought)

Ning Xi looked stunned, "How could this be..."

Lu Tingxiao quickly consoled her, "Since the last time this has happened half a year ago, it hasn't repeated. This time might also be just a normal fever, so don't be too worried!"

Ning Xi knew that it definitely was not just a simple fever, otherwise Lu Tingxiao would not have sounded like that earlier...

"Cheng Feng! Stop the car!!!" Ning Xi suddenly shouted at Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng knew that even if he did not obey the boss, he had to obey the lady boss. Thus, he parked the car at the roadside obediently, "Miss Ning, what is it?"

Ning Xi did not say anything, opening the door then walking to the front to open the door of the driver's seat. "You go sit at the back!"

"Ah?" Cheng Feng was taken aback.

Ning Xi could not wait any longer. She dragged him by the collar and stuffed him into the back seat before she got into the driver's seat and stepped on the accelerator.

The engine growled fiercely and the car flew like an arrow...

Cheng Feng did not know how to react and he was so frightened that his heart felt like it could jump out any time. He quickly held tightly onto the handles in the car and looked at the girl behind the wheel in horror.

Just a second ago, she had just been a crying vulnerable little rabbit. How did she suddenly change into such a serious queen of speed...

Couldn't she at least have given him a warning?

Lu Tingxiao looked at his speeding wife and wanted to say something but did not. Fine, speed away! It was good for her to let it out too!

The car kept overtaking other vehicles and speeding past with quick, skillful turns. Cheng Feng felt nauseous as he looked to his Big Boss for help, hoping that he could advise her to slow down. Who knew, that all he saw was the Big Boss' loving and tolerating gaze at her...

A moment later, they neared the old residence. The car remained at the speed of 400 miles per hour, and as he saw that the car was about to hit the gate, Cheng Feng could not bear to look and squeezed his eyes shut...

In the next second, Ning Xi hit the emergency brakes. The car stopped half a meter from the gate of the old residence.

She quickly parked and turned her head to urge, "Lu Tingxiao, go in quickly!"

"Okay, you wait for me here." Lu Tingxiao got down from the car and walked briskly into the brightly lit residence courtyard.

In the backseat, Cheng Feng was practically crawling out of the car. As soon as he got off, he held onto a big tree and puked his guts out...

In the living room, everyone looked nervous. Lu Chongshan was anxious and Yan Ruyi had cried her eyes out.

When they saw Lu Tingxiao had returned, Yan Ruyi was relieved as though her back bone had been restored in her body. She quickly went to greet him, "Tingxiao, you're finally back! Quickly go see Little Treasure!"

Lu Tingxiao immediately walked into Little Treasure's room and saw that the little guy lay on the bed looking as pale as paper with cracked lips and his little body was twitching non-stop. A group of doctors surrounded him and everyone looked uneasy.

Lu Tingxiao's expression instantly darkened. Little Treasure's situation was even more serious than he had thought...

"How did this happen?" Lu Tingxiao questioned frigidly.

Yan Ruyi clearly tried to avoid his gaze, "We...we're not sure either. Little Treasure didn't look too good since this afternoon, so we got the doctors to come have a look and they said it was a small fever, not too big of a deal. In the middle of the night. his temperature suddenly shot up to 40 degrees and his body started to have spasms. His temperature would not go down, no matter what! It is the exact same situation as before!"



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