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(Little Treasure's Old Troubles)

Even though Lu Tingxiao had said it casually, Ning Xi did not feel assured at all. She held her hand to her heart that was beating faster and she had an unexplainable bad feeling about this as she pleaded, "Lu Tingxiao, bring me with you, I won't make things awkward for you. I won't go in, I'll just wait outside and if there's nothing, then I'll come back! If not, even if you let me go home now, I'd definitely not be able to fall asleep!"

He saw the girl's unbelievably determined attitude but Lu Tingxiao still held himself back, as if there was something he could not say.

"Okay?" Ning Xi tugged on the hem of Lu Tingxiao's sleeves and was pretty much begging as she shook her head stubbornly.

Lu Tingxiao frowned and his expression became more serious as he contemplated it. At last, he looked at her and chose his words carefully before finally saying, "Okay, Ning Xi, listen to me, Little Treasure...he's not just having a simple fever. Actually, it might be a little serious! I can bring you along but you can't be too emotional!"

As soon as Lu Tingxiao said that, Ning Xi's tears started to fall, "Little Treasure is in a serious condition? What is it? How can he be in a serious condition when he was fine before? Didn't you just say it was only a fever? Why is the fever serious? And you said you weren't lying to me! Is there anything else you're hiding from me?"

Lu Tingxiao did not expect that Ning Xi would cry instantly and he did not know what to do. He quickly told Cheng Feng to drive to the old residence while he fumbled for tissue to let her wipe her tears. He said helplessly, "I was afraid that you would be exactly like this, so I did not dare bring you along. Look at you, we're not even there yet and you're like this. How will you be when you see Little Treasure later?"

Ning Xi cried even harder and could not even speak coherently anymore.

Lu Tingxiao's heart was about to break at her cries and since he was not good at cheering people up, he could only hug her in his embrace and pat the back of the sobbing girl. "If I knew, I wouldn't have told you..."

He did not expect that Ning Xi's reaction would be even worse than he thought!

In front, Cheng Feng who was driving was also shocked speechless. He was not only shocked because someone with a strong personality like Ning Xi could display such a vulnerable side but he was even more shocked by the gentle side of his boss...

He had really broken the record today with these new insights!

What shocked him the most was the fact that the feelings between the two of them were really like a pair of husband and wife who were worried for their beloved son...

Not a single feeling of violation...

Ning Xi was already feeling remorseful. Why had she only seen Little Treasure in a rush when she sent Lu Tingxiao to the old residence back then? She had left so quickly. Why didn't she care for Little Treasure more? Why was she afraid of contacting Little Treasure too much for the sake of the two oldies? Why was her skin not thicker?

After crying for a long while, Ning Xi finally recovered from her emotions and she begged, "Lu Tingxiao, don't keep any secrets from me, I want to know!"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Then, you must promise not to cry anymore."

"I...can't promise!"

Lu Tingxiao buried his face in his hands. Finally, he could only compromise and he tried his best to explain in a gentle tone, "Actually, it's an old issue. From the moment Little Treasure had that incident, he would have such outbreaks once in a while and a high fever is one of the symptoms. But what's different from the usual fever is that the high fever won't stop, no matter what. There is just no way to break the fever..."



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