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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 9🎯



[Rocks High]


📱”Hello Baby,” Alisa’s spoke first.

📱”Alisa… Sorry I missed your call. I was in class then. I went to see Lala in the morning before going to school,” I said.

📱”Really? How’s she… I think you should send me her number let me call her. I wish to visit her,” Alisa said.

📱”I will send you her number. But you called me during class hours.. Wait, didn’t you go to school?” I asked.

📱”Uhm..My school is on holiday today. I’m delivering pizza to our customers,” she said.

📱”Oh… I’m heading to the Rockstars right now. I think they are going to go to the Trip in the evening time. They have to re-do their hair and a lot of preparations that would take hours.. Anyway I have to hurry up now. You know I’m their personal maid” I said.

📱”It’s fine best friend. Go now and don’t forget to take good care of yourself and take a lot of photos” she said.

I smiled.

📱”Of course… Bye Alisa. Be careful also.”

📱”I will. Bye.”

I ended the call, heaved a sigh and dragged my luggage along as I searched for Davis.

‘Where’s Davis.. Did he enter the plane already?’

“Are you looking for me?” I heard his voice behind me and I turned.

“Hey where did you go to? I’ve been looking for you. Aren’t you taking the first flight?” I asked him.

“No. I think people would be lesser on the second flight so I will wait for it,” he said.

I chuckled. “You are so smart.”

“Yes I am..”

“Actually, I have to go to the fifth floor. I’m a B blizz worker so my service is needed,” I said.

“Oh okay.. You should go then.. I will just find a lively place and wait for the second flight,” he said.

“Also I will be going with the rockstars so I won’t be on the second flight either,” I said.

He smiled. “I know that.. Just go..”

“Alright then, see you at the Trip camp” I told him.

“See you too Baby,” he said.

I smiled and headed to the elevator while dragging my luggage along.


The elevator door opened and I walked.

I got to the rockstars door and opened it, walked in only to meet a crowd of B blizz and Diamond staffs.

Both of them combined made a whole of a crowd.

They were the hairstylist already working on the rockstars hair.

There were the ones arranging their attires, jewelries and shoes into each rockstar’s traveling boxes.

There were the camera men taking videos and photos of every moment.

And there were ones doing the cleaning and taking out dirts.

I felt so small amidst them.

I was confused on what to do.

None of the rockstars had seen me.

Then one of the male staff stopped in front of me. “Aren’t you Baby Edric, a staff?” he asked.

“Y yes I am..” I said.

“Then why standing here, go and do your job. We have only four hours to finish every single thing,” he said and hurried away.

I breathed out, then found an empty spot and kept my luggage there and repacked my ponytail strongly.

‘But what do I do?’

“Hey student, come over here, ” a female staff called and I hurried to her.

“Clean this table up, hurry up,” she told me. She’s a Diamond staff.

There were so much mess on the table.

“Okay,” I said. I was about doing that when another staff stopped me.

“You can’t tell her to do this.”

“Are you not the rockstars personal maid?” the second female staff from B blizz asked me.

“Yes I am..” I said.

“Go and attend to the rockstars,” she said.

“Oh yeah..But I can still clean this table,” I said.

“No.. This isn’t your duty. Let those who are meant to do it, do it. Just stay beside the rockstars and attend to only them,” she said.

“Okay,” I said and slowly headed to where the rockstars are, getting their hair done.

Jimin saw me first.

I bowed.

I think Elvin saw me next then Lucky, J.d, then Kelly.

I smiled at Kelly Oppa.

Lastly, Romeo.

His eyes sparked and his face glowed at me.

He faced the mirror back.

I breathed out.

“I’m here if you need anything from me sirs,” I said to them.

They said nothing so I walked to a chair nearby and sat down.

Just immediately, I heard mumblings from the staffs.

🚺She’s sitting down while everyone else is working! Tch. What do she think she is?🚹

🚺Right…why’s she not busy🚺

I inhaled.

🚺Don’t you know? She’s the rockstars personal maid. She is to serve only them🚹

🚹Even if she is… She should stand.. I don’t like she’s sitting while every other staff is standing 🚹

🚺She really get some nerve. No wonder the school despise her🚺

🚺She even entered with a fake name🚺

“Are you all going to work and stop wasting time gossiping ?” The lady who told me to only serve the rockstars suddenly said and they all went hush.

She looked at me, smiled and went back to her work.

I heaved a sign.

Just then, a message alert beeped on my phone.

From Lala.

I opened it and read.

💬Baby guess what?💬

I smiled and replied.

💬uhmm you are on your way to Rocks High💬

I sent.

“Where’s the personal maid?” Romeo suddenly called.

I stood up and hurried to him.

“What do you need sir?” I asked him.

His side face..why’s he so handsome?

“Get me an iced water,” he said with his face straight to the mirror.

“Okay sir,” I said and went for it..

As I was getting the iced water, a message beeped on my phone but because I was busy getting the iced water, I couldn’t open the message.

I carried the glass of iced water to Romeo.

“Here it is sir,” I said, stretching it to him.

He took his time before taking it.

Perfect opportunity.

As his hand got close to the cup, I placed my right hand widely on the body and because he didn’t see that, his hand came on mine.

I smiled. Perfect.

He looked and I quickly stopped the smile.

His eyes landed on his hand on mine. Both griping the glass.

His eyes were stern as they looked at me.

Auch! My hand is freezing from the ice.

Then I had to quickly act like I didn’t know how it happened.

“I’m.. I really.. I..” I stammered.

He removed his hand and I quickly did too holding the bottom of the glass.

“I’m sorry sir,” I said and bowed.

He took the glass and faced the mirror back.

“Shift and stand there. You don’t expect me to announce you again,” he said with his face straight at the mirror.

“Huh? Okay,” I said and moved back.

I looked at Oppa Kelly and he gave me a quick smile which I returned.

Then I decided to check the message.

I opened it and read.

💬Wrong…. (Smiles) Romeo got flowers and cakes delivered to me.. I told you he still got a good heart 💬

‘Whaaat? Really?’

I looked at Romeo and he was drinking the water I brought him.

I smiled..

‘For doing this, I’m going to be beside you always Mr Romeo. I don’t care what you do to me. I’m going to like you and save you because I know that you won’t treat me the way you do if you were yourself’

Then A man walked in and walked over to the Rockstars.

“Hey guys… Sorry I’m late,” he said.

‘Who’s he?’

But then he walked over to me.

“You must be Baby Edric right?” he asked.

“Yes I am sir,” I answered.

“Personal maid to the Rockstars?” I asked.

“Yes sir,” I answered.

“I’m Mr Abbey, the rockstars caretaker. I’ve not been around because I traveled but I’m back now,” he said.

I bowed.”welcome sir”

“Thank you”


(Thirty minutes Later🕐)

“Hold my phone, Baby” Rockstar J.d said, stretching his phone to me.

I took it. “Yes sir”

“Hold mine too,” Rockstar Lucky said and handed me his phone.

“Yes sir”

(An hour later🕐)

My legs were starting to wobble. I felt the urge to really sit down but I couldn’t.

‘I’m sure I will be able to do that when the rockstars are done with their hair. Just hold on a bit Baby’

“Baby, get me a Cola drink,” Rockstar Kelly said.

“Yes sir,” I said and ran to the fridge to do that but I was careful with the phones I held.

I grabbed a can of Cola and brought to him.

“Here it is sir,” I said.

He took it.

(Thirty five minutes 🕐 later)

The Rockstars were finally done with their hair and they stood up and moved to another side of the room.

They all looked amazingly handsome but Romeo’s handsomess was something else.

I wonder if he fell from heaven.

“How do I look Baby?” Elvin asked me.

“You look amazingly good sir,” I said.

“Uh you should have said amazingly handsome instead ” he said with a smile and walked to a sofa.

Finally I was able to sit down but I was about to sit down when Jimin called me and I rushed to him.

“Yes sir?”

He gave me a wrist chain. “Could you help me put this on my wrist?”

“Yes sir,” I said taking it.

He out out his wrist, I knelt and put it on him then stood up.

“Thank you,” he said.

I bowed and walked to a seat.

Sitting down, I heard the plane arriving for the second take.


[Rockangels private room]


The room was crowdy with G Gold staffs, packing up all we need for the trip.

There were cameramen around videoing and Shana had her best smile on the cameras but inside of her, I could feel her fury on Baby Edric.

I could feel all that she is planning for her.

Baby Edric might know Shana doesn’t like her but she certainly doesn’t know what Shana is planning for her.

Worse for her, Lala is not going to be around.

Who then is going to save her?


I glanced at Debbie who was talking with Cassy.

‘Why do I feel like I should protect Baby at the Paradise Trip? I don’t want my hidden power revealed but I will try my best to protect her’


( hours Later🕐)



I entered the Private Jet and inhaled.

Both the rockstars and Rockangels were in.

Romeo and Shana sat together.

Tch! Must they always be?

I found an empty seat and sat down and fastened my belt with my eyes on both of them.

Mr Abbey was in the jet too with another lady who I guess is the Angels care taker.

A minute later, Shana looked back, saw me and narrowed her eyebrows.

I looked down to my backpack, searching for my phone.

I found it and clicked on it.

‘Maybe I should play a game’

I glanced up, she’s no more looking at me.



The plane arrived and I looked out through the window.

It was 5pm.

The whole placed looked like a castle that I wondered how much was paid to use this beautiful place as a Paradise Trip.

The exterior was so beautiful and very wide but woods and bushes surrounded the place.

There is no fence or gate.

It felt like a castle in the middle of the woods.

The whole place was buzzing of students.

Some laid cloth on the grass and were chatting with their group of two, three or four.

Some were playing games and soccer.

Some were running about.

It’s a really beautiful place with fountains and beautiful trees.

But immediately the jet landed, all of them rushed towards with their phones up in the air.

🚺Rockstars and the Angels are here!!🚺

🚺Oh My God🚺

🚺Get out of my way!🚺

Noises everywhere.

I tried searching for Davis with my eyes but couldn’t see him in the crowd.

‘He must be inside ?’

I unfastened my seatbelt and went for my luggage and the rockstars too.

But staffs were already there to take them including Mr Abbey so I just carried mine.

I wonder the student I’ll be sharing room with.

They said two students for a room.

The rockstars and the angels were lead into the camp building and I got left alone.

Luckily I saw the B Blizz staff who stopped me from cleaning the table at Rocks High.

“Hey Baby, are you confused?” she asked.

“Yes kind of,” I said.

“Come with me, I will take you to the Camp instructor. She’s the one to give you a room,” she said and I followed her.

“””””””””” (minutes later)

“Uh” I raised my brow at the instructor.

“You are the rockstars Personal maid so you’ll be staying close to the rockstars so you don’t waste time in attending to them. Whatever you do at the rockstars mansion, you will also do them here like serving Romeo coffee in the morning and cleaning their room.. That is your work,” she said.


Twenty minutes later, I was in my room next to Romeo…



[Mae Iris mansion]


“Careful dear,” my mom said helping me out of the car then Bamie gave me the crutches which I used in supporting myself.

Soon, we got in and I was helped to a couch.

“Welcome home sweetie,” mom said.

“Thanks mom,” I said.

“Welcome young madam,” the maids greeted.

“Thanks everyone.”

“How are you feeling ma’am?” Pia asked me.

“I’m fine Pia, thank you.”

“Dinner is set ma’am.”


Just then Bamie walked to me.

“Ma’am, there’s a boy at the gate. He said he’s here to see you..” Bamie said.

“A boy?” I asked her with confused look.

“He said his name is Kim Davis and he’s your class mate..”

I raised my brows.

“Whaaat!” I yelled and Jamie flinched back.

No way!!



(Paradise Trip)


It was almost time for the bonfire gathering and so I have no other choice than to get changed from the uniform I was wearing.

First I made sure the door was locked.

I wonder why but I think I was feeling that someone might come in.

This isn’t rockstars mansion or Mae Iris mansion.

‘What I’m I even going to wear?’

‘I think a trouser and a cardigan would be great’

I walked to my bag and unzipped it only to receive the shock of my life..

All the clothes in my bag were in a red paint mess.

“What; what is this?”

My heart pounded so hard. I couldn’t breathe as I took out all my clothes, even my shoes and my undies were messed up with paint.

The most hurting one was the Bluebells wear.

It’s a Blue top and a white short.

But right before my eyes, were red paint all over it.

“Who did this to me!!” I yelled out as tears gathered in my eyes!

I slumped to the floor.

“What I’m I going to do.. How could a human do this… How!” I cried.

A knock came in the door.

I looked at the door and cleaned my tears.

I closed the bag, stood up and headed to the door.

The knock came again and I opened the door to see a girl with a traveling bag beside her.

“This is for you,” she said and pushed the bag to me.

“Huh…for me? I don’t get,” I told her.

“It’s for you…” she said.

“How can it be for me. You are mistaken. I’m not the owner of the bag. My bag is in with me,” I said.

“It’s really for you,” she said, turned and walked away.

“Hey.. Hey wait.. You are mistaken..” I called but she was already gone.

I looked at the bag. “This isn’t for me really..”

But anyway, I dragged it in and closed the door.

“This is not mine really. Why did she keep saying it’s mine..”

I unzipped the bag and I marcelled at the clothes, undies and shoes inside..

And guess what else?

A bluebells uniform was also there.

“Oh my God.. It must be a bluebells member,” I said.. “What I do.. She must have thought it’s mine because I’m in bluebells.. What do I do now. I can’t keep some else’s bag,” I said, scared.

“Who could it be for?”

I picked up the bluebells uniform and checked the size.

It was my size.

“Who has my same size in bluebells? Could it be Nan Sana’s own? Both of us look like we have the same body size,” I said.

I checked to see if there’s any ID of the owner in the bag but I saw nothing like that but instead, I saw a piece of written note.

In picked it and read.

📄It’s yours Baby.

From your secret admirer📄

“Whaaat? My secret admirer? How did this happen? What is really going on?”

“First I opened my bag to see all my clothes messed in paint and then another bag is delivered to me with clothes and even bluebells uniform and it’s from my secret admirer. Goodness I’m going crazy!”

“Who messed up my clothes and who’s this secret admirer.. How did he know my clothes are messed up??”

I scattered my hair in frustration. “Ahh I’m going insane”


[Mae Iris Mansion]


I stared at him and he stared back.

“What are you doing here? How did you even find here?” I asked him.

He smiled. “The first question, I’m here to see you Lala because you are got hurt but the second question.. Is that even a question? You are a politician’s daughter… I found your house in just few clicks on the internet.” he said.

“Here, I got this for you,” he said stretching a daisy flower and a box of lollipop to me.

“I hear that daisies make wounds heal fast and brightens the smile of a sick person and beautiful the say with its colors… So I’m giving it to you.. And also I’ve always know you to love Lollipops. I always see you licking lollipop so I figured out that you’d feel less pains with a lollipop in your mouth.. I bet if would give you a reason to smile,” he said.

I chuckled folded my hands.

“Thank you Davis but I’m not taking them,” I said.

“Why Lala? Do you hate me this much?” he asked.

“You are supposed to be at the Paradise Trip so why are you here?”

“I told you I’m here to see you because you are hurt Lala. ”

“Are you even serious right now?”

“Yes I am.. I missed Paradise Trip to be with you,” he said causing my brows to go up.




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