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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 7🎯



(Hours Later| Keyman Hospital)


“Baby… It’s late, you should go… Ji woo would take you,” Lala said to me.

She laid on the hospital bed with bandages on her right ankle while I sat at the edge of the bed, staring at her.

I shook my head. “No… I can’t. I don’t want to.”

She chuckled. “Are you being serious now? Come on girl. Romeo needs you.”

“Romeo? You can’t say that Lala. You need me. I want to stay here with you. You are hurt and I can’t leave you alone,” I said.

“I know that but you can’t stay here tonight. You need to go prepare for the Trip tomorrow. I’ll be fine, trust me,” she said and picked her phone.

“Lala…. Don’t even talk about that Trip. You know I can’t go that without you, I can’t,” I said sadly.

“I’m not happy that this happened but it’s done already and you can’t stop what you are striving for just because of my sprained ankle. Listen to me Baby,” she took my hand. “I’m Lala, and Lala is someone who wants the very best for the people she love and she don’t center everything on herself. Yeah it’s true that I need you but you have something you have to achieve, your mission and your destiny. Go for it and trust me, I have my mom who’ll be here for me and who knows, my ankle might even get fine by tomorrow and I will be on the plane to Paradise Trip tomorrow,” she said with a smile on her beautiful face.

“But Lala… I”

“Shhhh” she hushed me.

I sighed.

“I’m calling Ji woo and you just meet him at the parking lot. He’ll drive you to Rockstars mansion.” she said and placed the phone on her ear.

📱”Hello Ji woo, Baby would be down soon. Get ready to drive her to Rockstars mansion” she said to the receiver, dropped the call and smiled at me. “Kelly’s so worried about me. He’s been sending me countless messages.. He’s so sweet..”

Tears dropped from my eyes.

“Lala what I’m I going to do without you at the Trip.. I’m really going to be in a big mess, what do I do?” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Oh my… It’s fine Baby. Don’t cry. Come closer. I really want to hug you,” she said.

I moved closer to her and she hugged me.

“Lala… I really don’t think I will survive there without you,” I said amidst my tears.

“Of course you will, trust me,” she said and patted my back.

More tears rolled down.



Baby finally left minutes later and she was really reluctant to.

I quickly video called Kelly.

He’s been wanting to call but couldn’t because of my mom.

I know, it’s crazy!

He picked up and his cute face showed up but he looked really worried for me.

📱”Baby… I’m so worried about you. How are you? Why did you get hurt? You should have been more careful” he said.

📱”It’s fine, I’m okay… I hurt my ankle a lot when I was still learning how to be a dancer. It’s nothing new” I said.

📱”I’m sorry baby… You’re gonna be okay,” he said.

📱”Yeah of course… Uhm you wanna see my ankle?” I asked him with a smile.

📱”Yes but wait a second.,” he said.

I smiled. 📱”Okay”

“Uhm here it is,” I said and showed him my bandaged ankle.

📱oh this is so bad… Lala you practiced so hard for this Trip.. If you don’t make it then I don’t think I will… ” he said.

I shook my head.

📱”No you cant say that.. I’m gonna be fine, trust me..,”

Just then Jaden, Lucky, Elvin and Jimin’s faces showed up.

My smile widened but no Romeo.

📱”What’s up girlfriend. Now I don’t feel excited about the Trip again.. Should I just stay back and keep you company?” J.d said.

I laughed.

📱”No, you can’t stay back. Thank you.” I said.

📱Quick recovery babe,” he said.

📱”Thank you so much,” I replied.

📱”Be careful next time Lala.” Lucky said.

📱” I will, Thank you so much.”

📱”Get well soon Lala.. You have to be strong for us…and mostly,” Elvin pointed at Kelly. “for him”

I smiled. 📱”I will. Thank you so much”

📱”Don’t do that again.. It hurt really bad. It happened to me. Get back on your feet soon Lala” Jimin, the sweet baby in the house said.

I smiled. 📱”Thank you so much for your concern. Thank you Rockstars. You guys are the best ever!” I said.

📱”But where’s Baby?” J.d asked.

📱”She just left,” I said.

📱”Alright.” he said.

They left the camera and once again, it was just Kelly.

📱”They are so amazing,” I said.

📱”Lala I don’t think I can do this anymore,” he said.

📱”What’s that?” I asked.

📱”You are sick and I can’t even come to see you.. It hurt so bad,” he said.

I breathed out.

📱”K you know we both agreed on this and we can’t ruin everything we both had worked for especially you. We’ve survived it for two years. We can do more. I promise you that we will be fine.. We have been,” I said.

Just then, the door opened and my mom and Bamie walked in.

📱”I gotta go,” I said to him and ended the call.

“Who was that. Seems you don’t want me to see?” Mon asked.

“Just a school friend,” I said.

She smiled.

“Darling, I’m sorry for returning late, Baby had left?” she asked.

“Yes she had,” I answered.

Baby followed me all the way from Rocks High to the hospital. She’s been with me for hours but didn’t want to leave.

Of course my mom had been with me too but she had to hurry back home with Bamie to get me something to eat.

“Here… I got you your favorite. I prepared it myself,” mom said as Bamie served my favorite dish on the tray.

I carefully sat up with the help of my mom.

“Drop it on my laps,” I told Bamie and she dropped the tray on my laps.

My mom placed her hand on mine. “You are going to be fine okay?”

“I know mom.. You know, it’s nothing new,” I said.

“Not this one Lala. There’s a trip you are supposed to be there. You practiced so hard for it. I’m so sorry baby,” she said.

I smiled. “It’s fine mom… Maybe fate don’t want me there.”

“Fate? How can Fate not want you at where you deserve to be. How would your team dance without you there.”

“Mom, I don’t wanna break into tears so please stop it. I gotta eat. I’m famished,” I said and dug my spoon into my food.


[Rockstars Mansion]


Ji Woo pulled at the front gate of the mansion.

“Thank you sir,” I said to him and opened the door.

“Goodnight Baby,” he said.

“Goodnight sir,” I said and went down, closing the door.

He drove off and I walked to the gate and clicked on the bell button.

In a minute, A gate security opened the gate. I went in and bowed to him. “Good evening sir”

“Thank you Baby but what happened, you didn’t come home with the masters?” he asked.

“My friend got injured and I had to stay with her in the hospital for awhile,” I told him.

“Oh, sorry about your friend. You can go,” he said.

I bowed and headed to the building.

I got in and met the four Idols at the sitting room.

No Kelly and Romeo.

I inhaled.I bowed to them. “Hello sirs.”

“Welcome Baby,” J.d said.

“Thank you sir,” I answered.

Jimin looked at me but said nothing. No one else did so I headed upstairs.

I got to Romeo’s door and stopped, stared at it for awhile before entering my room.

I dropped my bag on the bed and dropped myself heavily beside my bag.

“God….I’m so sad…” I mumbled and stared at the ceiling.

‘I think I should go see Kelly. I wonder if he even ate tonight. He must be really sad’

I got up from the bed, went out of my room and stopped by his.

I knocked, waited for awhile and entered.

I saw him sitting on the couch with earpiece deep in his ears, his head on the couch head rest and his eyes closed.

His laptop sat on his thighs.

I gently walked to him and stood in front of him.

I’m sure he knows someone is in.

“Hello sir,” I called and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Baby, you are back. I thought you were going to stay with her,” he said and removed the earpiece off his ear.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to but she didn’t let me,” I said.

He said nothing and looked down at his laptop.

I could feel his sadness.

“I…I was wondering if you ate dinner so I could get you what you want to eat,” I said.

“Thank you Baby. I had something already,” he said.

“Oh…okay.. Then I would leave now.” I said and turned to leave.

“..but Romeo didn’t.” he said, halting my steps. “..he’s been missing his meals lately. You should take something to him. He loves anything fried,” he said.

“Okay sir,” I said and walked out.

‘Geez… How can someone be so worried about someone else’

(You are reading Rocks High by RiRi Books, Enjoy)


And with that, I had to return back to my room, take off my school uniform and change into a casual clothe.

Then I headed downstairs to the kitchen.

I got in and met Mrs Hadley, Kira and Maria.

“Hello Mrs Hadley, Hello Kira and Maria,” I greeted them.

“How are you Baby?” Mrs Had. asked me.

“I’m fine ma,” I answered.

“What happened Baby. We didn’t you return with the rockstars,” Kira said walking to me.

“My friend got injured so I had to stay with her at the hospital,” I said.

“Oh my…that’s sad.. I’m sorry about your friend,” Kira said.

“What happened to her?” Maria asked.

“She got a sprained ankle but she’s going to be fine,” I said.

“Oh… I pray so,” Maria said.

“Here’s your dinner Baby,” Mrs Had said showing it to me.

“Thank you ma but can I get some fries for Romeo? I want to take it to him,” I said.

“My dear, I don’t think you should stress yourself with that. He won’t eat it if he don’t want to,” Mrs Had said.

“It’s okay ma. I have to still take something to him,” I said.

“Okay then… Just give me a minute,” she said.

And so, few minutes later, I was on my way to Romeo’s door with some fries and a glass of juice.

I got to the door and after taking enough breath, I knocked.

I Knocked again, then opened the door and went in.

He was sitting at the suite side of his room and busy with his phone.

He’s always packing up his hair, making him look more breathtaking.

Uhm breathtaking indeed.

I walked to him.

“I heard you haven’t had your dinner sir so I brought you some fries,” I said.

“I didn’t ask for that. Take it away,” he said.

‘Eww.. I knew he would say that’

“Sorry but no sir… You need to eat something. It’s not healthy to skip dinner. I got you an exotic juice too,” I said.

“Do you want to get fired?” he asked.

I smiled. “No sir”

“Then get out,” he said.

“But I’m trying to be a caring personal maid sir,” I said.

“Your sight sicks me, just drop that and get out,” he said without looking up.

I dropped the fries and juice on the table.

“I’ve done that sir, don’t forget to eat all of it and drink the juice too…” I said.

“Is there anything you want me to do for you sir?” I asked.


I smiled. “what is it sir?”

“Get the hell out,” he said.

What! Annoying je…

I turned and headed out of his room.

Once I was out, I scoffed.

‘Tch… Such human..’

I returned back to my room, had my shower, wore my sleeping wears and made a call to Alisa.

She picked up and I told her about Lala’s injury.

She felt so sorry and sad.

We talked a lot about Lala and then she told me about her new job.

A bit stressful but she love it.

We had a long phone call and finally it ended.

I dropped my phone and sighed.

But then I picked it up and sent a message to Lala.

💬I love you Lala.. Take care of yourself💬

Minutes later, she replied.

💬I love you too Baby girl. Don’t forget anything while packing up for the Trip. Goodnight💬

I sighed.


An hour later, I was packing up my bag for Paradise Trip.


It was a thick bush but it didn’t look as if we were lost. Romeo and I.

Rather, we were actually playing around.

We could feel the sun shinning on us from a side of the bus and we both were happy with our hands intertwined.

We played like lovers and in the next minute, we turned to each other, with our eyes deep into each other’s, we drew our face closer and our locked our lips on each other.

But then a disturbing sound came and everything went blank.

No, I woke up from my dream and the noise was my alarm clock.

I rubbed my eyes open and sat up.

‘Gosh… What kind of dream was that? How can I dream of kissing Romeo… I mean us kissing.. I saving Romeo doesn’t include us becoming lovers…right? Ah whatever… My head hurts’

As usual, I got up from the bed, went to the bathroom, washed myself and dressed up for school or rather, Paradise Trip.

‘I have to go see Lala at the hospital before heading to school. I will take the public bus’

I hurried downstairs to get Romeo’s coffee.

I did and head to his room, I knocked and went in.

He was still on bed but up and making use of his laptop.

He also wore transparent sunglasses, making him look cute.

I bowed. “Here’s your coffee sir.”

I smiled when I saw the empty plate and juice cup from last night fries and juice.

He ate it.

I dropped the coffee on the stool beside his bed and cleared my throat.

“Sir, you enjoyed it right?” I asked him.

He said nothing.

I smiled. “Even if you don’t reply, I know you did because you finished all of the fries and drank all the juice.”

He said nothing.

I walked to the plate and cup to pick them up and while I was still doing that, I suddenly heard him grunt.

“Hey! Who made this coffee?” he asked.

I turned and he was staring at me. I stared back at him.

Why does he has such pretty eyes? They are so pretty.

“I asked you a question dummy..” he said.

‘Dummy? Dummy!’

I took my eyes off his and answered. “Mrs Hadley”

“She made this rubbish. Take this off my face and get me a good coffee,” he said, dropping back the cup.

I sighed, carried the coffee and gulped down all of it.

“But it’s tasty,” I said after drinking all of it.

He looked at me and I shrugged.

“I will get you another coffee but please don’t reject it like this one because I have somewhere to go this morning. My friend is injured and I have to see her. I don’t have all the time in the world…sir,” I said.

“Do I look like I care?” he said.

I smiled.

“I understand sir,” I said and walked out of his room.


I watched her leave after saying that.

‘Why’s she suddenly this way. She’s acting like she’s not pissed off by anything I say or do to her’

What’s with the change of attitude.

I scoffed.

“She’s getting me more annoyed”

My phone rang.

My manager, Leo was calling.

I picked up.

📱”Hello sir, the company sent you a message. Have you gotten it?” he asked.

📱”What’s that about?” I asked as I stood up and went to get my laptop.

📱”Mr Albert wants to cancel the endorsement contract with Lee Dani.. So he’s asking for a board meeting on Monday.” he said.

📱”The old man is insane. There won’t be any meeting on Monday because I won’t be there. Tell him that,” I said and ended the call.

“Fvcking old man.. He’s wanting trouble from me again..”

I opened my laptop and saw the business email.

I opened it.

It was exactly what Leo told me.

I scoffed.

“He better not get on my nerves” I said and shut down the Laptop!

Just then a knock came on the door then the door opened and she walked in with another cup of coffee.

She was smiling.

What the fvck is making her smile?

“Here’s another coffee sir. This one was carefully made so you’ll like it,” she said and this time she didn’t drop the coffee on the stool but stretched it to me.

I looked at her and to the Coffee.

“Have a taste,” she said.

“Drop it on the table and get out,” I said.

“Okay,” she said and dropped it and turned back to me.

“Sir, I won’t be going to Rocks High with you. I have to go and see Lala who’s injured because sadly, she won’t be able to go to the Trip again.. So please sir, I would appreciate if you kindly let me tidy up your room while you are here or maybe you could leave the room if you want to. I will be really quick,” she said.

“Go” I said.

“Really?” she asked.

I opened my laptop back.

“Ohkay.. Thank you sir,” she said and wanted to leave but I halted her.


“What is it sir?” she asked.

“Which hospital is that?” I asked, going to a delivery site on my laptop.

“Keyman Hospital,” she answered.

“Go” I said.

she left.


[40 Minutes later| @Keyman hospital]

🌿Baby Baby🌿

I opened the door and walked into the VIP room Lala is in.

She was up but sat on the bed and having tea, with her mom and Bamie beside her.

She saw me and let out a sweet smile.

“Awwn Baby is here,” she said.

I smiled.

Mrs Mae Iris looked at me with her warm smile and I bowed to her. “Good morning ma.”

“Welcome Baby..” she said.

I smiled at Bamie.

“Wow… You came with a lot of goodies,” Lala said.

I smiled.

“They are from me and the rockstars uhm except Romeo,” I said.

She smiled. “Awwwn that’s really nice of them.

I dropped the three flowers, three cards, cakes and chocolates on the table.

But there were flowers, cards and cup cakes already there.

“They are from Vera and my team. Vera and Ms Nana just left awhile ago.” Lala said.

“Wow..they are so pretty,” I said.

“Hold this for me Bamie, I have to see what the Baby and the rockstars got for me,” she said and Bamie carried the tea.

She checked the flowers and saw the cards with a smiling face but she spent much time seeing Kelly’s and she kept smiling all through.

Then she held my hand. “Thank you so much Baby.. Please extend my appreciation to them.”

“I will Lala..”

“I’m going to miss you Baby,” she said.

“I will miss you too Lala,” I said and we hugged each other.

Tears gathered in my eyes.

“Where’s your luggage?” she asked while we still hugged.

“It’s at the first floor. At the waiting area,” I said.

“You should go now so you don’t miss the first class, come on,” she said.

“No I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with you,” I said and hugged her tighter.

Tears rolled down my eyes..


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