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High🌟 (Rockstar Next Door)


🎯Episode 6🎯



⭐Kelly pov cont.⭐

They both held hands and were laughing so hard as they walked pass.

Smiles. Best friends in the world.

I wonder what was making them to laugh that loud.

My eyes were on my beautiful Lala until they entered the hallway and I couldn’t see them again.

I smiled, satisfied.

‘It’s been a while we meet up. It’s been a while we stayed together, hold each other, kissed and had perfect time together. I’m missing her so much.’



“…yes, oh my God… He’s so funny. I really wanted to laugh but goodness I didn’t want him thinking I like him,” Lala said.

We laughed.

“Really… He’s a really good company. I don’t think it would be a bad idea having him as a friend,” I said.

“No he can’t be. I don’t want K thinking otherwise,” Lala said.

“Lala, I really don’t think he would. You both trust each other,” I said.

“Yeah we do. I’m just concerned. I don’t want to upset him. I really love him, so much,” she said.

“You don’t have to worry and seriously, I think you avoiding boys would look suspicious and they might start stalking you secretly. You know what the people in this school can do,” I said.

We entered the hallway.

She breathed out. “Anyway I’m glad someone came to my rescue and took him away or else he would stuck beside me like a glue.”

I chuckled and said. “But he’s cool tho.”

She looked at me. “What? Baby…”

I laughed.

Then suddenly someone bumped into me from behind that I could have fallen but luckily, Lala and I was holding hands so she held me from falling.

“Hey what’s wrong with you?” Lala fired at the person.

I turned to see the person and it was no other girl but Ninah.

She rolled her eyes.

“Oops… Sorry,” she said smirkingly and walked away with her two co. They were among the girls at the old ballet hall.

“I should just teach this girl some lesson,” Lala said.

“No Lala. It’s okay. I’m fine. Besides, she said sorry,” I said.

“I’m sure she did that intentionally. You could have fallen and hurt yourself. Those brats,” Lala cursed.

“It’s okay Lala. Let’s go in..” I said.

Just then, the bell rang.

“Let’s go. We have English in the next ten minutes,” I said and we walked a little more then entered the homeroom.

There’s been announcement yesterday from the school media board that the fifth class would be used for a gathering at the school Hall for the Paradise Trip beginning tomorrow which means that there won’t be fifth class today.

“Did you do your homework?” lala asked me.

“Yes, all thanks to you,” I said with a smile.

We went to our desks. I sat down and began preparing for the English class.

English Class! Tch… That suddenly reminded me of yesterday’s English class.

I heaved a sigh… No, I won’t think of that.

It’s the past. Baby move on.

I took out my phone from my bag.

‘Thank goodness, Lala didn’t ask about my phone. I left it again in my bag!’

I woke my phone up and all the notifications were only about Paradise Trip…


Yes, Kang Jamie….

I turned and saw him on his desk, with his phone covering his eyes. He was focused on it.

‘Somehow I see Romeo in him. Why? Someone who’s lonely and need to be rescued out of his loneliness just like Romeo who’s caged with an evil spell and needs to be freed..’

I heaved a sigh and turned back to my book, then Davis walked in. Our eyes met and he gave me a wink and headed to his desk, no Lala’s desk.

‘Geezzz this guy’

He stopped by Lala’s desk and began talking to her. Lala’s desk is close to mine so I heard him. Lala faced her phone without looking up at him.

“Lala, it was fun eating lunch together with you. I wish this goes on, even in Paradise Trip, let’s be good friends,” he said with a smile and headed to his desk which is three desks behind her.

Lala looked at me and shook her head.

I just chuckled.

Bell for 4th class rang, Lala and I headed to the English class.

We arrived and settled down on the same desk.

Others trooped in, including the Angels. As usual, noises rose for them and died down.

Shana’s eyes and mine met and I saw how threatening they were but I’ve promised myself not to be scared about her, never.

She walked to a seat, sitting beside Angel Nuella.

Angel Debbie for days now, finally looked at me.

I smiled at her but she didn’t smile back but rather, gave me a stern look and faced front.

‘What’s wrong? Could her change towards me have to do with me living at the rockstars mansion. She’s been different since this week. I wish I could get to talk with her….or’ I looked at Lala. ‘..I should tell Lala about it’

I searched for Jamie and saw him three desks behind me.

‘Is he always sitting at the back seats?’

The English teacher came to the board.

“Hello class,” he greeted and began teaching.


Forty minutes later, English class was over, the homework were submitted and everyone trooped out.

Everyone looked excited. Every person I pass, is either talking about the Paradise Trip or nothing else.

‘Is this how excited the students always is?’

We passed a girl making live video of herself and her two friends, announcing the Trip to whoever.

She was sounding so crazy.

“Should we do that too?” Lala asked me.

I chuckled. “I don’t think.”

She laughed.

We entered homeroom and I saw Jamie dropping his books in his bag and there were earpiece deep in his ears.

I exhaled and went to my desk, sat down and dropped my English books into my bag.

🔔Bell for the fifth class rang.. Sorry, I meant the gathering at the school hall.

So quick?

I carried my bag, Lala did too and after a glance at Jamie who I didn’t see taking his bag, I walked out with Lala.

“You kept looking at that guy, Jamie. Do you like him?” Lala asked.

“Yes I like him. He’s nice,” I said.

“Uh Baby, you like everyone but won’t like Romeo,” she said.

I chuckled. “It’s not my fault but I’m trying my best to.”

We headed towards the school Hall.

“Lala, actually I’ve been bothered about something,” I said.

“What’s that?”

“Angel Debbie, she’s been acting strange towards me since this week,” I said.

She scoffed. “Really?”

“Yes… and I’m worried. I was starting to like her and happy that she liked me too and now she’s being strange,” I said.

Lala crossed her arm around my shoulder. “You see Baby, It’s very possible for people to change because of one thing or the other… You have to know that,” she said.

I looked at her. “Really? But I really can’t guess why she changed.”

“Of course you did. What do you think?” she asked.

“I think…”

I got interrupted by the sudden voice of Davis behind us.

“Hey pretty girls,” he said and jumped in between I and Lala, smiling widely.

Lala rolled her eyes.

“I’ve looking for you girls. I can’t believe you’re going to the Hall without me, I’m so hurt,” he said and made a crying face but then smiled. “But it’s fine… I caught ya.”

I smiled at him and said. “You look really excited like the others.”

“Of course I am. I’ve been hearing about Rocks High Paradise Trip and I’m so happy I’m gonna experience the fun from tomorrow. Now I think I made the right choice for my school transfer.. Well I know this school is really weird but it got a lot of fun too.” he said.

‘Fun? I don’t think there is any fun’

He looked at Lala. “Lala you agree with me right?”

Lala said nothing.

He looked at me. “She won’t talk to me. Tell me Baby, I’m I so ugly not to be talked to?”

I shook my head. “Anioo you are not.”

“Thank you Baby.” he said with a smile and turned to Lala. “Crush, You heard that right? She said I’m not ugly so please talk to me. Thank you?”

Lala said nothing. Her face was stoic.

“Uh we are almost at the hall…” he said.

I looked ahead and saw the students trooping into the hall. I wonder if all the senior students are going to the trip.

“uhm after the meeting can I buy you guys a drink?” he asked.

I looked at Lala. She has to talk this time. I can’t upset her by answering what she don’t want.

“No, thank you.” Lala said.

I knew she was going to say that.

“Uh I’m hurt again,” Davis said.

I also knew that Lala was wishing for his friend to come take him away like he did at the cafeteria but this time, no friend of his came.

We entered the large hall together and ended up sitting beside each other but Lala made sure he didn’t sit next her or she to him. Lala sat next to me and I sat next to Davis.

Soon, the hall got almost filled up with all the senior students, school heads and some of the senior class teachers.

But the school celebrities weren’t present, both the rockstars and the rock angels.

‘Are they not going to be present?’ I wondered.

The hall was so noisy that my ears were about to block.

But thankfully, the Principal walked to the stage and took the microphone.

“Hello everyone… I need silence in this hall, right now” he said.

But the noise didn’t die down.

“I said silence everyone!” he shouted it this time and the hall went quiet.

Oh thank Goodness.

“Thank you.” he said. “Well, there’s no much to talk to you about here so we are not gonna waste our time because of the important talent class today… I will go straight to the point.”

“Tomorrow we are starting our 7th season of Paradise Trip and this time, it’s another different location which you all had been told about before now. Each location is changed every three years. This time the location is suseong-gu city in Daegu. I’m sure you all had gotten the news before now too.

The theme for this year’s paradise Trip is ‘The Crown Is Mine’ and I’m assuring you that it’s gonna be different, really different from the others and so very interesting.

Just as usual, Games, Tasks and competition would take place and whoever wins at last, takes the crown and the crown become his. Sounds fun right?”

The hall erupted into a yell of ‘YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!’

He smiled and continued. “As you all know, Paradise Trip is for every senior student if you can afford the registry. ”

‘Yeah, even though I was registered under Bluebell, Lala was the one who paid for it. She did that Last week through online registering but because I’m in bluebells class, my name had to be registered as a bluebells singer’

“I’m sure you know that Paradise Trip is a three days trip and the shelter and food you paid for is guaranteed….


[Rockstars Private Room]


A tap on my shoulder and I lost the game I was playing on my iPad.

I looked up.


“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked.

“I just lost a game,” I said.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said and sat beside me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Just wanna ask if you’ve been reading a lot lately,” he said.

“Why that question?”

“Your bag is filled up.. I think it’s really too much,” he said.

“I crave for so much books in my bag lately,” I said.

He chuckled. “Really? That’s never been you. You don’t like books in your bag.”

“I just said, I crave for it lately. Damn it Kelly, I’m busy,” I said.

“I know. You’re doing this because of Baby. You know she got sick yesterday and you put all that books in your bag and even more today… Romeo you can’t keep doing this. She’s Hunan and don’t deserve such treatment. You are being hard on her,” he said.

“She’s deserve even more.. Goddamn it, I hate that girl okay.” I said.

“You hate her because Shana do. You don’t hate her because you do,” he said.

I scoffed.

“I just have to let you know that this act you put up with those books are really immature. You should take them out. Rockstar Romeo shouldn’t be doing this, really. You can’t let the girl see you acting so immature,” he said, stood up and walked back to where he was with J.d and Lucky.

I continued the game but lost just immediately.

I looked at my filled bag.


[RockAngels private room]

👑Queen Shana👑

I poured wine into the wine glass, crossed my legs on the couch and deep the earpiece into my ears to listen to some music but Belina and her news halted me.

“Oh my gosh guys….have you seen the news!” she said, her elated eyes staring at phone.

“What’s that?” Cassy asked her.

“So no one had seen the news from Principal Hung?” she said.

I picked my phone and others did.

I saw the new notifications but before I opened it, Cassy screamed out.

“Tyree Blue!! Whaaaat? Tyree Blue is gonna be a special guest in Paradise Trip!”

‘What Tyree Blue?’

I opened the notification and it was true!

His pictures and music videos had covered the whole school page.

“Oh my God…. It’s really true!” Debbie said.

“Wow… I’ve been longing to meet Tyree… I Can’t believe I’m going to see him at the Trip!” Belina said.

“I could remember, months ago he made a live video of him listening to Rockstar’s Dark Flame and said he loved the song,” Nuella said.

“Yes yes! That’s right… I remember now. Wow.. So the American most loved singer is gonna be live at the Paradise Trip. Oh my God. This year’s paradise trip would be a whole lot of fun,” Belina said.

“He’s gonna camp for a night too. Really..” Rina said.

“That’s the most exciting part! Gosh… I’m so happy,” Belina said and hugged her phone.

I scoffed… ‘What’s exciting about that’


[School Hall]

🍃Baby Baby🍃

Finally, the meeting ended but with almost everyone talking about some Tyree Blue who the principal had announced would be going to the Paradise Trip as a special guest.

Tyree Blue here, Tyree Blue there.

Gosh… My ears are about to block.

Even Lala kept talking about him.

“He’s so handsome and his songs are so damn good… Do you know his girlfriend, Jessica swift, she’s perfect!” Lala said.

Davis was leaving the Hall with us and he too, kept talking about him.

“Damn, he’s on the seventh list of my tenth most favourite artiste. Another thing I like him for is his love for painting. He love art so much. You know he owns an art gallery. He’s one of my role model,” Davis said.

“Yeah I know that. Wow I really love his songs.. I got about twelve of his songs on my phone,” Lala said to him.

“I’ve got all of his songs on my phone,” he said to her and they laughed.

‘Wait…are they now talking with each other? Wow, all thanks to Tyree Blue’

“Now I believe that this year’s Paradise Trip would be different… Mr Hung really got us,” Lala said.

“All thanks to Kim Davis here. I came and good things began happening. Geez I can’t wait to meet Tyree Blue” he said.

“Me too. He’s one of the American celebrities I’ve wished to meet,” Lala said.

“What other celebrities do you wish to meet?” he asked her.

‘Poor me… I’m all alone now. Lala is busy with her new enemy turned friend Davis and here I am walking along but alone’

“Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber. I really love Ariana,” she said.

‘I’ve heard about Justin Bieber but I don’t know the two others. Are they males or females?’

“What about South Korean celebrities?” he asked.

“Uhm Actually those I wish to meet, I’ve met all of them,” Lala said.


“Wow and which the Rockstars and the Angels are number 1 on the list, right?” he asked her.

“No… Uhm I have to go to my class now” she said and turned to me.

‘Finally you turned to me huh’

“Baby you should go to bluebells too.” she said to me.

“Yes of course,” I said.

“I’m in the RedHeart basketball class. I gotta go too,” Davis said and turned to Lala. “Thank you Lala for today. It was fun with you,” he said then looked at me. “And you too Baby… With the both of you as my friend, I’m in love with Rocks High,” he said.

“Hey Davis, what’s up!” That was his friend walking to us. The same guy who took him off at the cafeteria.

He introduced himself to us as Austin.

“Hey girls,” Austin said to us and we waved back. Lala and I.

“Come on man, it’s time for practice,” Austin said to Davis.

“Yeah I know..” Davis said and turned to us. “Alright girls, see you tomorrow.”

“See you too Davis,” I said to him. but Lala just waved at him.

‘Tch. I thought she was talking freely with him just minutes ago’

‘Bye girls,” Austin waved at us and dragged Davis away but that didn’t stop Davis from glancing behind and smiled at us.

I chuckled. ‘He’s cool’

I turned to Lala “Happy friendship.”

She raised her brow. “What?”

“Sorry nothing. I have to go now… See you tomorrow Lala,” I said.

“Baby it was just a talk about Tyree Blue, nothing like friendship,” she said.

I smiled. “I know that.. See ya,” I said and ran off.


I got to bluebells class and entered. Other students were coming in too.

I settled on my desk and dropped my bag.

Ms Cece had said that the team wear for the competition would be shared today.

I could already see a filled up bag which looked like it.

“Hello Baby Subae, you look pretty today,” Jinah said coming to my desk.

“You too Jinah,” I said and she laughed.

“This year’s Paradise Trip is coming with a lot of fun including Tyree Blue. You know him right?”

“I don’t. ” I said.

She laughed. “Really?” then she drew closer to my ear and said. “Me too.”

I looked at her and we bursted into a laughter.

“Okay girls, please go to your desk. Please sit down, thank you..” Ms Cece said standing at the front of the class.

Jinah went back to her desk.


[WhiteAngels Cheer leading class]


“Hi Lala Sunbae,.” Vera called me at the changing room.

“Vera.. How are you?” I asked her.

“I’m fine. I’m so excited today,” she said.

“It’s good to be happy,” I said.

“Huh… You won’t even ask me why?” she said.

I smiled. “Okay, why?”

“My Dog’s birthday is today,” she said.

“Oh wow… Happy birthday to your dog,” I said.

“Her name is Miemie,” she said.

“Oh happy birthday to Miemie… Why didn’t you tell me earlier. I could have gotten her a gift,” I said.

“It’s okay. I’m okay with just a happy birthday wish,” she said with a smile.

“I wish her more years and good health,” I said.

“Thank you Subae,” she said.

“Let’s go,” I said.


We got to the practice room and lined up, facing the large and long wall mirror.

As the group leader, I was at the front role with three others and my uniform looked a little different from the others.

Ms Nana was in front of us.

“Ready?” She asked.

“Yes ms,” we answered.

“Right. One, two, three…go…” Ms Nana said and we began dancing while the music played.

I danced my very best, with all of my strength and all of my dancing talent.

Dancing had been my dream ever since I was a kid.

I get all the happiness I could when dancing.

At times when I’m sad, I turn to the mirror and began dancing and if there’s no mirror, I still dance.

I love dancing and I know how to dance.

I danced to the captivating music, flexing my flexible body to every move and I could see from the mirror how impressing I danced.


The first time Kelly and I met, I was dancing at an empty classroom because I was so mad with my dad.

He later told me why he came to the empty room.. Because he missed his late mom and he disliked his dad.

For minutes, I didn’t know he was by the door, watching me dance with tears in my eyes.

And I felt so ashamed when I finally opened my eyes and saw him by the door.

Rockstar Kelly! I panicked.

Funny, he was my crush and if you’ve ever crushed on someone then you understand the shyness that overtook me but Kelly instead, walked to me and said to me.

“Let’s dance. The first to get exhausted will do just one thing for the winner,” he said.

“What?” I asked. I could feel the sadness in his eyes.

“Anything I ask,” he said.

“Don’t talk like you are going to win,” I told him.

“Let’s see then,” he said.

But because he was my crush. I really don’t know but we ended up kissing there, in the empty classroom.


“Ahhhhhhhh” I cried out as I suddenly fell and a sharp unbearable pain caught my ankle.

🚺Oh my… Lala are you okay?🚺

🚺Oh my God… Lala🚺



Everyone rushed to me.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” I cried out again, grabbing my ankle.




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